The Mass Effect 3 Situation Can Still End Well

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This post contains no spoilers.

Background Information:

  • Mass Effect 3 comes out to highly positive reviews.
  • Many players find the conclusion extremely unsatisfactory.
  • Some take it to extremes, creating petitions and filing legal complaints. The backlash is one of the biggest in the history of gaming.
  • Dr. Muzyka of BioWare says that the team is checking out feedback and looking to address some issues through DLC.
  • Many have jumped to the conclusion that the ending of the game is being changed.
  • Everyone is ready to riot (even the folks which dislike the ending).

Hold On

The whole Mass Effect 3 situation can still go both ways. I understand that things are not looking good, but nothing has happened yet. We need to take a deep breath and calm down. Instead of immediately sharpening your pitchforks, you should read Dr. Muzyka’s entire post. Nothing in his statement says that the ending is being changed. Should we believe him? That’s up to you, but I doubt that the parties involved do not recognize what a catastrophic effect this change would have. Below is what could happen.

Scenario A: Everything Goes Downhill

  • BioWare releases new content which changes the ending or makes it irrelevant.
  • They expect you to pay for it.
  • The artistic integrity of the game and studio is compromised, and the backlash becomes even more significant.
  • The business side of it sets an ugly precedent (though some other companies have already tried selling endings) and everyone is seriously screwed over.
  • BioWare murders millions of puppies and babies.
  • Fanboys and fangirls cry.

Scenario B: Everything is Fine

  • BioWare releases DLC which features story tidbits about what happened. Some characters offer their views on the events that took place, there are news reports, etc.
  • Dialogue or ambient storytelling is used to offer references and small pieces of information about the conclusion. By default, any information or speculation by the in-game world cannot be hugely significant because fans will riot.
  • Alternatively, BioWare directly continues the story through free (unlikely) DLC and, –again– does not negate the ending.
  • BioWare does not murder puppies and babies.
  • Fanboys and fangirls still cry.

What Does This Mean?

I just did what everyone has been doing in reaction to Dr. Muzyka’s announcement; I speculated. There’s no way to know what will actually happen, but the apocalypse has definitely not arrived yet. I’m not saying we should look at this situation and assume it will turn out great, I’m saying that we can’t jump to conclusions at the present. Assuming the worst is always easy. What’s going to happen to BioWare, Mass Effect 3, and video games? Only time will tell, but the ending and the response to it will always be remembered.

This post is from my bloggity blog as well (shameless plug!). What do you guys think will happen? I don't envy BioWare right now.

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Ebough threads on this.

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The people that flipped their shit over the ending will still flip their shit because should the DLC alter the ending, it either won't be to their standards or they'll think it is worse and prefer the regulr ending. It could be released free, come with a million dollars and a blowjob from your dream woman/man, and it could be the ribbon and bow closure filled resolution, and still people would complain.

Probably about how short their blowjob was.

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Everyone's talking about it because this shit is important. It's no longer about Mass Effect 3, and it's about Games in general. It's actually shocking just how quickly this has blown up, and I doubt it'll just go away. Each side is angry about the other, and no one is calm. Tempers are high, and there really is no easy way out. Ultimately, I think the precedent it sets means nothing, if they change the ending, it just states what Totilo says here: That Bioware are a company that will change based on fan-feedback. It doesn't state anything more, or signal the end of the world.

The Game Industry has thrived on post release DLC, patches, fixes, support, etc. Any other element of the game can and will be fixed by good, top tier developers, but story is infalleable? When the mass effect 3 ending is so clearly disappointing? Ultimately, it is up to the creator to take their own stance, but no one should be angry at either the stance, or the fans who protest it, because that is very much akin to having your cake and eating it. Gamers have been trained to expect updates and fixes, but this is one area where they are whining and entitled? It's demeaning to people simply voicing an opinion, and on both sides, a feeling of superiority is what is making all this blow up, and BioWare are caught in the middle. All they want is to make great games.

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My opinion is, they are going to clarify the ending (like the quote said) and everything will be fine. No matter what people have blown this out of proportion.  Its a shame because Mass Effect 3 is a DAMN GOOD GAME.

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You make a very good case and I agree.

But you're telling people on the internet to calm down. That's kinda cute...

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i dont understand why people think itd be a terrible idea to actually change the ending. im not trying to be combative. but regardless of what the dlc actually is, if it makes the ending have more closure/all the rest of the billions of stuff i could list then im fine with it. i would be happy. if they come out with dlc that explains the current ending in a way that provides closure and answers some obvious questions and feels right then great im all for it! if the dlc continues on the current ending (most likely indoctrination theory, but could do it in other ways) and it proves to be a good ending then great im all for it! and finally if they completely change the ending and it proves to be good then awesome!

i understand the argument that it compromises the integrity of the artists and it does. but simply put a business, which people forget it is, cannot offer a product with that finish and expect people to continue to buy their products. bioware/ea make alot of money off dlc and it would be greatly reduced if they didnt at least try to correct the ending. i actually greatly respect bioware for what they are doing- humbly acknowledging the less than satisfactory response for their loyal fan base and trying to correct what their fan base believes to be a mistake. no matter if this dlc ending sucks or not they as a company have my complete support. i will be buying all the rest of the dlc like i did for me1 and me2 and wont completely boycott all bioware products

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