The Two Final Mass Effect 3 DLCs!

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@shevar: That your opinion and it's 100% valid, I won't say this stuff shouldn't have been in the game.

Personally I think the Multiplayer team, Bioware Montreal, did I better job than the main team overall. The multiplayer introduces a ton of new elements and stuck close to the lore.

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@smashecontrollers: Yeah the thing is, I understand not everything could have been in the game from the start because of time-constraint and other technical issues you might have during development. I totally understand. It's just that Mass Effect 3 felt more like an action game than the the previous two and felt somehow disconnected from the characters of the previous games. It's like the only intention there was in this game was to blow up everything (in the literal sense) you cared for in 1 and 2.

Now they bring in content to enrich the experience and also remind us why Mass Effect was so friggin' awesome, but it's just to late. Maybe when I get around to play them again I might buy it, but for now I will hold off.

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Reckoning Multiplayer Trailer

I haven't touched ME3 for a while but I'm still impressed and surprised that they keep outputting new MP content free of charge. Always makes me keen to jump back in.

P.S. How do I embed YouTube videos in my posts? Doesn't seem to work now.

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@shevar said:

they bring out Leviathan to back up their ending (WHY WASN'T THIS INCLUDED IN THE GAME).

Than later we get Omega, which was telegraphed from the beginning this would become DLC just from the conversation with Aria (again, WHY WASN'T THIS INCLUDED IN THE GAME).

And now we get Citadel where you do a final mission with most of the squad members from Mass Effect 1 & 2 (yet again, WHY WASN'T THIS INCLUDED IN THE GAME!!!)

@shevar said:

@smashecontrollers: Yeah the thing is, I understand not everything could have been in the game from the start because of time-constraint and other technical issues you might have during development. I totally understand.

I don't think you do understand lol.

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@smashecontrollers: Keep in mind though, that all the multiplayer DLC that was released was done in Edmonton. Montreal made the multiplayer mode/stuff that shipped with the game.

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I'll be doing one last run through ME3 with all the DLC to get the full experience, so I'll probably pick up the Citadel bit. I actually enjoyed the ME3 multiplayer--and I hardly ever play online. But as much as I enjoyed it, I'd much rather stay in the single-player campaign. I do think the multiplayer DLC for ME3 has been pretty decent, though.

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Interesting ill likely do one final playtrough once all dlc is out. Yet to do any of them yet.

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@sjosz: Huh? Couldn't remember who did what, either way they took better care of the multiplayer than the singleplayer.

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I've started another playthrough of the Mass Effect games,simply because I love them so much. I'm playing as the female Shepard (mainly because I think Jennifer Hale is the better voice actor of the two). I recently downloaded Bring Down the Sky Mission for ME1, and Overlord for ME2. I already tried out Lair of the Shadow Broker, and Kasumi's DLC, both of which were awesome. I think I'm going to have to buy a huge amount of Microsoft points this month because I haven't tried out Arrival, From Ashes, and Leviathan yet.

Now, there's this final ME3 Single-Player DLC, that sounds like excellent fan-service to everyone who has been committed to this trilogy. I can't wait to try it out, and rekindle my friendships with my teammates.

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Loading Video...

I'm not going to lie, This trailer gives me good feelings.

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*sniff* ... Normandy! ... I gotta get that DLC now god damnit!

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I'll be stopping my Dead Space 3 playthrough to play this.

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this dlc, and leviathan should have been in the main game, mass effect 3 should have been delayed some more just to add this dlc, it would have given enough foreshadowing to make the ending much easier to tolerate instead of the piss poor way they dealt with it on the retail game.

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@jeanluc said:
Loading Video...

I'm not going to lie, This trailer gives me good feelings.

Ya know, I never really minded male-Shepard's voice. But that "Normandeeee!" at the end sounded like a robot trying to emulate human emotion.

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It depresses me how that trailer has now proven the fact that I no longer care about Mass Effect anymore. I was trying to emulate a sense of giddiness at such a fan-servicey send off while watching the trailer, yet I can't help but shrug at it all.

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Welp. Looks like I should probably buy all this shit before I replay the series.

It was nice knowing you for that short while, Mr. Hard-Earned Dollar.

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Oh hey, it's this game. I remember this game. It wasn't very good.

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I'm so tired of the delusion that if this wasn't DLC it would have been included in the main game. The reality is if this wasn't DLC it never would have existed outside of a few scraps of unfinished content.

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Unless they join your crew afterwards I don't see the point of playing this.

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@gamer_152 said:

@smashecontrollers: Okay, sounds like it might be more to do with talking with your squadmates than I thought, but the way this bit from Bioware is written, it still sounds like the mission is a huge part, if not the core of the DLC, and that in itself it's a way for users to reconnect with those characters. The thing is, when Mass Effect 3 itself was largely about seeing those characters for the last time, and a pretty big deal was made near the end of the game about saying goodbye to your squad, it kind of devalues the idea of this being the "Say goodbye to those characters you like" DLC. That's not to say the idea of seeing all those guys again doesn't get me kind of excited, but it still seems like a "One last hurrah" DLC built onto a game that was a "One last hurrah" already.

You just hit the nail on the head, especially with that spoiler-text. This would have been great before Mass Effect 3 but, given the circumstances...

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I'll do it....For Garrus!

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@Shevar This is not something that I think would fit in the game originally, it's almost like a wacky Saints Row mission. Pure fan service with internal jokes and goofy extra stuff and I loved every second of it.

I agree that Leviathan should've been in the game and maybe Omega, but this honestly wouldn't fit with the rest of the game if it came on the disc.

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