Very Strange Issue With VRAM. Not sure if I should be worried?

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On an whim, I launched the ME3 configuration tool and started looking at the settings (resolution, AA etc) not really messing with anything. I opened the system tab, everything was fine, but I looked at the VRAM spot and it lists my computer as having -2147483648 bytes, or -2GB, of VRAM. That doesn't sound like something I want.

I have been playing with zero problems, overall smooth experience, it's all been great. So I don't know if this is really a question I should be asking. But it's weird enough that I'm kinda concerned. Anyone have experience with an issue like this, if it's an issue at all?

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I don't know if your problem with this has been resolved, but my ME3 Config is stating I have pretty much the same thing, -2140004352 bytes of VRAM. I am having display issues the sound is enabled, and lag (even in single player mode) with sound disabled. I don't know if this is contributing to my negative VRAM. But it is enough to cause concern.

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I'm going to close this just so random people from Google looking for tech support don't bump this again two years from now.

Anyone looking for help on a specific game is welcome to start a new thread or make comments about it, but it doesn't make sense to keep support topics open for this long.


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