Would anyone buy the multiplayer for ME3 as standalone game?

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I think this tendency to get morally outraged over micro-transactions needs to stop. I am actually glad that the MP has micro-transactions. I haven't spent a cent on them, but they are there for people that want to and it keeps all the multiplayer expansions (of which there have been many) completely free. I'll take free content with the option to spend money over $15 map packs every day of the week.

Morally outraged? I've spent like a houndred hours playing Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, to the breaking point, where the rewards for playing the game have become so painfully redundant it's figurative ass-rape and abuse, unmasking ME3's microtransaction scheme as one of the most horrible pieces of gamedesign in all of gaming history ever. It's the stuff of nightmares really.

The more you play - or pay - the less you get out of it. You could literally put down 25'000$ and not have unlocked what you want. It's that fucking evil.

I dislike microtransactions and free 2 play games. I'm don't think the business model lends itself to the quality gamedesign I'm used to. It's the modern day equivalent of Arcade games being deliberately hard and unfair, just to get that next quarter more quickly. However, I don't hate the concept per se. There's some cool things happening in the online multiplayer arena, that wouldn't happen without it - which is the upside to the whole thing.

I hate Mass Effect 3's microtransactions specifically. I hate it with the fire of an infinite suns, buring with righteous fury in my chest. I hate it so fucking much. So much. I'd love to kick the responsible party in the balls. Every day. For the rest of my life.

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I wouldn't mind paying $5. It's exactly how much I paid for Payday: The Heist which is pretty much my 2012's 2011 game of the year.

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I liked ME3's multi, surprisingly, but I didn't like it anywhere near that much. It would make a good F2P game.

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Well, I might go for the multiplayer alone only if they expanded and changed it to an extent that there were a lot of new experiences to gain from it...I mean, my friends and I played the multiplayer demo a heck of a lot because we had so much fun with it, but when I got to the actual game, it had gotten old. I looooooved being a Krogan (in bright pink armor), but they would have to add some diversity to the modes and gameplay for me to enjoy the multiplayer again. Then again, I haven't touched the multiplayer in ages, so I don't know if it has changed already.

Although there are probably a lot more fundamental things I would change, too, about the multiplayer, to an extent where it wouldn't really be the same multiplayer anymore...but I did love being a bright pink Krogan sooo muuuuch @__@

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Cool. Hope it's like that on 360. I remember Brad saying people were still playing it. Thanks, man.

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No. The only multiplayer only game I'll consider buying in the future is the next Trackmania game. Even that is iffy though.

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I enjoy a good horde mode and I've been thinking they should make a game that is really just that but totally fleshed out. Epic's Fortnite does sound like that idea come to life. It'd need to have good depth and progression though to make it worthwhile.

Mass Effect 3 had some nice progression but the main thing for me is the maps are just way too small.

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i played a bunch at launch, and it was fun for a couple of weeks. as for a standalone- i'd only consider buying it if they spun it out as a downloadable title with a appropriate price- something to the tune of $15. and ONLY if they fully remove the microtransactions. if that meant paying for map packs, so be it.

i just don't like getting nickle-and-dimed in f2p games. it takes me out of the experience, and relatedly i have yet to find one that hooked me.

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I don't want to buy the online pass to play as is. I wouldn't pay for a fully-priced game for ME multiplayer.

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I loved the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, but the prospect of ever playing a Mass Effect game which is just that? Eeeeeeugh.

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I still like ME3 multiplayer, even though I haven't played it much lately.

Frankly, they should just make it free-to-play. They'd probably do well enough with the microtransactions.

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I don't think I'd pay full price for the multiplayer alone, without significant changes to unlocks and such.

I think it would've made a pretty good free to play game, though. It has a good balance between unlocking stuff from playing and giving you an incentive to open up your wallet. I also think it would've kept people playing more, as a lot of my friends didn't buy Mass Effect 3, but I may have been able to convince them to play the free-to-play part of Mass Effect.

... and yeah, I'm thinking about getting back into it since TNT.

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I pretty much paid full price for the game primarily because my friends were playing a lot of the multiplayer. I was (am) only mostly through ME2, and (eventually) plan to play ME3's singleplayer, but it was a purchase driven by friends talking about the beta and my eternal obsession with co-op survival based multiplayer games. I have continued to enjoy it a hell of a lot, and I do not regret getting despite several of the original friends suddenly deciding Origin is the devil and not playing anymore. Which is a shame. I still have plenty of fun just jumping in and searching for games solo.

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