Would Leviathan have improved the end? *Spoilers?*

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#51 Posted by WEB_War4 (114 posts) -

A.I. thinks that the only way to prevent organics from creating synthetics and then being wiped out by those synthetics is to create synthetics to wipe out those organics before the organics create synthetics that would wipe out the organics. Maybe their whole approach to the conclusion was misguided in the first place.

#52 Posted by Nexas (644 posts) -

No, because it doesn't fix the main problem with the ending: it was really dumb. The Reapers' motives were dumb. The star child was dumb. The choices were dumb. The revelations in Leviathan were equally dumb. Giving an origin to Reapers and their motivations was a terrible idea in the first place. The thing that made the Reapers so intimidating was that they were completely incomprehensible to use mere mortals. Giving them a motivation that is completely understandable, but also completely paradoxal diminishes them as a threat.

#53 Posted by Jokers_Wild (248 posts) -

Yes. It wouldn't have changed the fact that all the endings were the same cutscene with a different color scheme, however it would have made the Starchild's appearance not just a random plot twist.

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