cult_of_cthulhu's Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360) review

Just the Ending

Ok I'm going to start this by making my position clear, they lost me half way through the second game, in my opinion they bowed so much to "fan" feedback form the first game that they ruined the game I wanted.

So lets catapult forward to number 3 eh?

I know I will rub some people the wrong way with this but... The ending is fine.

ok ok, calm down, I took the time to watch every ending, before I said this.

I really cant get my head around the uproar, I mean dd you see the ending of CoD black ops? or Deus Ex? I mean if you want a pepsi challenge on worst endings I dont think its even top ten.

What surprised me most in the fan arguements about their right to change is why they lent on fallout 3 to support their arguement? cant the fans draw simply on this trilogy alone?

Mako! I loved it fans hated it GONE

Planet scanning? patched after release in ME2!

Bioware has a history of not being respectful to their own canon and bowing to fan feedback, sadly fans dont represent everyone so as the game changes it ceases to be of interest for many, I appreciate what they did with the series but I saved the money this time and just watched the storey unfold in youtube playthroughs

I know I others loved the endings so if bioware changes them it will again represent a horrid bowing to the vocal fans.

in essence I would have loved the ME2 to be the same game as ME1 with a the same storey they told. The mechanics ruined it not the storey and I found the endings to three to be satisfying for the trilogy.


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