shinjiex's Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360) review

The Fight for Time & Space

Mass Effect 3 is the 3rd installment of the epic Syfi RPG by BioWare Ea
You play as Commander Shepard battling to stop the threat of the reapers that seek to end all life in the universe
The Good +
Story & cut-scenes have better scripting & pacing feeling less artificial  
The graphics are the best in the series 
it's clear the developers took notes from RockSteady's Batman Arkham on how to use the Unreal Engine
Combat is more fluent thanks to better laid out environments & AI team-mates/enemies
The new field map system make things a lot easier when doing tasks 
Cooperative online multiplayer is a nice touch for extra game play when you want to take a break from the campaign  
NPC can dance there assess off no longer looking awkward

The Bad -
You need a guide for disc swapping 
it be nice via patch/update that missions would be marked by what disc they belong to
Biodrones freaking out as usual on forums somewhat tainting the experience  

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