After Mass Effect 3?

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Mass Effect 3 is incoming. And it looks to summarise the galaxy on the brink of total destruction. It appears to sum up the Commander Shepherd experience nicely. But what next? The universe is almost certainly capable of having an MMO set into it, there are already 3 novels (and a fourth currently being penned), not to mention an anime film and a major motion picture, there is a 3rd four-part comic book series currently being released, and there are numerous other tie in merchandise - and likely there will be post release content for ME3. So with so much at stake - will EA turn their back on the series? I dont think so. But what will this entail? A continuation of the storyline (like what Halo is doing with Halo 4), a spin off series (such as the Battlefield Bad Company titles), or perhaps even the MMO I mentioned earlier. If Mass Effect were to continue after ME 3 - what seems most likely to you? And what would you want out of the future of the Mass Effect franchise?

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Mass Effect 3: ODST

They have already said they are not done with the Mass Effect universe but this will end Shepard's trilogy.

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I want to play the game where I am an Asari Commando. Or a SimCity like game on the Citadel.

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Mass Effect MMORPG!

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