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After all the hub-bub over the ME3 ending I decided it was finally time to try one of the more popular franchises this console generation.

Just finished the first one today (took about a week) I have to say it was pretty good. A few glitches, and forgetting to save after I did even the smallest task usually ended with me replaying an hour long section of the game. Overall, I thought the game was pretty good and I am quite excited to play ME2.

In the interest of no-spoilers (although I know some parts just from listening to the bombcast) is there anything I should know going into ME2, and eventually 3? Anything I might miss in either?


PS. I got down with Liara, Wrex lived and is bff with me, Kaiden died, the council lived, I'm paragon.

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@LongMasterWolf: Hey, just make sure you upgrade your ship in 2, make sure people like you as well. I honestly think 1 is my favorite but there is great stuff in 2. I just didn't like the combat as much and a few of the characters could have been more developed. There are great things and sucky things about each game in the series. Even 3 has some great stuff in it despite what people say.

What class you playing as? Any characters from 1 you like other than Liara and Wrex?

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@Nottle: Vanguard. In 1 my main party was Garrus and Wrex.

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Since you played the first game, I can't really think of anything in particular you should know when you go into ME2...

I don't know how committed you are, but some of the DLC is apparently pretty good, though I will let others to give the details on that, since I haven't played any of the DLC.

As for ME3, I don't really think there's too much you should know there either, just jump in and enjoy the game, you shouldn't dread the ending or anything, just roll with it as it goes along.

Some of the enjoyment from the games, for me at least, was to just go in and do as I felt. I think following what other people tell you to do would ruin the experience, discovering the game on your own hand is the best advice I guess I can give you.

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You might be able to punch a reporter.

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Well i would say ME2 is a better game (opinion) but streamlined quite a few of the rpg element of the first game which will shape how you feel about ME2. Since it focus on getting the combat more tighter. Apart from that with no spoilers i say just have fun with ME2 and expect some changes some good some bad. You can also expect the same from ME3.

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I refuse to give you any advice at all because you picked Ashley over Kaidan! 
Seriously though @Village_Guy already said pretty much what I would've said. 
the DLC for Mass Effect 2 is fantastic (in my opinion) so I recommend you get it (The story stuff, I think there's some weapon stuff too, that's not important)  
And then just go with the flow, pick how you wanna play it and enjoy the ride all the way to the very end of the trilogy. 
Maybe you'll hate it for no reason. 
Maybe you'll hate it and actually have a reason for it that isn't just "But, all the other people hate it so I must hate it too!" 
Or maybe you'll be like me and enjoy it and then I can welcome you to the club of people who liked the ending to the Mass Effect trilogy. You would be member number 2! You get a fancy medal and a hat! 

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You will really love ME2 or kind of like it. It all depends on how much you liked the rpg stuff when it comes to loot. Either way its a good game and you should pick up the dlc except maybe the arrival.

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