My pitch for Mass Effect 4/Origins/Adventures ect

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I've been playing through the Mass Effect trilogy again recently with the intention of getting 100% achievements on all of them. As part of this, I have got thinking about what I think would be cool for a new Mass Effect, so the obvious course of action was to let my fellow bombers know.

So here is my pitch, you play as a member of the alliance 15-20 years before the events of Mass Effect. This places you a bit after First Contact War but well before Shepard is running around. This game would see you as a commander who is tasked with the goal of pacifying a region in the Attican Traverse, the area of human colonisation right next to the terminus system. A warlord has been attacking every settlement in the area and the council won't do anything and the Earth navy hasn't yet been built up enough to project it's power out their. You need to build up your colony until you can find the warlord and kill/talk him.

It would see the colonisation working as sort of a combination of the "building" in assassins creed with the war score system in Mass Effect 3, you save a band of vigilantes on a planet, they come back to your base and start training people/fighting for you in a barracks which gives you 100 war score, and then you can upgrade the barracks to be larger/better, 200 war score and so on so forth.

All this would be in the background of you flying in your ship finding your crew, like you did in the trilogy and then doing missions to find the warlord. Then, when you back on your colony, your Liara replacement is hanging out at your university(space Indiana Jones maybe?), your Garus replacement is with your cops, your Mordin replacement is at your hospital and your Wrexs replacement is just blowing shit up.

What would you guys think if this was the next Mass Effect game?

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I was just thinking yesterday that a turn-based strategy game a la Fire Emblem would fit perfectly into the Mass Effect universe.

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We should play as Thane.


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I can't really say any of that appeals to me. For one, the Normandy wouldn't exist, and if you weren't Shepard it wouldn't make any sense for all of those characters be a part of any of that. They all met through Shepard, and none of them would be doing anything involving some human colony at that time (Wrex is a mercenary, Liara spends months or years at a time on digs, Mordin is a fairly new STG recruit, Garrus is still in the Turian military or possibly a C-Sec cadet) .

As for the design ideas, there is some potential there with the colony building stuff, but I don't like the time period and I would much rather the next game not have a human main character, or at least give the option to play as other races like Dragon Age Origins.

I think there is plenty of potential for great new games set either before or after the trilogy, but the key for me is that the next game stand alone as its own unique thing. It doesn't need to have connections to Shepard or the Reapers and it certainly doesn't need to have tons of returning characters; the universe is full of potential for completely new stories.

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@ll_exile_ll: I was just using their names as an example, didn't mean that it would be them. I agree, if it was anything other than a whole new crew, new story, it would be disappointing. Personally, I think that they would probably have to go to before the events of Mass Effect, not a prequel, just happing before, instead of after because the world state after Mass Effect is so dependant on Shepard, unless you are going centuries past it, it would be difficult not to constantly be referring to Shepard, the reapers and how Shepard stopped the reapers.

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@ll_exile_ll: I think he was just using them as a frame of reference.

@troll93: I like the base building stuff and recruiting people a la assassins creed. The story sounds interesting to. Right after the First Contact War was probably a tense time in the galaxy.

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Ahhh the building section of Assassin's Creed II, fond memories.

Take out the meeting of Liara, Garrus and Wrex (because they should remain in Shepard's story) and I'd play it.

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Not sure why everybody thinks Liara and the rest are in the OP's idea (I guess version wasn't clear enough?), but anyways, sure, this sounds pretty good to me. A game where space exploration was for the benefit of a Dark Cloud-esque colony would be fantastic. Count me in.

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