Who's the deepest Mass Effect party member?

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I know a lot of people here are going to say either Garrus or Tali, but I say Mordin was by far the most interesting and complex party member. Garrus is my homeboy and Tali is a sweetie, but Mordin is just fascinating. His dealings with the genophage and the guilt he has from it shows how honorable he is, but he will do whatever it takes to ensure the greater good. His loyalty mission has a complex moral conundrum and you can see Mordin's rational reasoning for the use of the genophage. He may look like a simple comic relief character at first, but he becomes more unique than any other squad member once you get to know more about him. Mordin has by far, the most depth than any of the squad members combined. I say Wrex is a close second to Mordin, along with Legion and Thane.

I almost forgot to mention, he does Gilbert and fucking Sullivan!

Mordin FTW!

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the priiiiiize.

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The girl who is a biologically perfect human, or Tali, because shes fucken Tali.

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Wrex. His own father tried to kill him, plus he has 1000+ years of stories to tell.

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@Dagbiker said:

The girl who is a biologically perfect human, or Tali, because shes fucken Tali.

Speaking of 'fucking Tali", who's ready for Mass Effect 3's sex scenes huh?



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I agree Mordin is definitely one the most complex characters in the series, but I think I would put my money on Wrex. His past before he met Shepard is fascinating and if you let him live what happens to him is perfectly fitting. I really liked talking to him about some of his missions and of course his experience as a Battle Master on Tuchanka. He is also one of those characters who is not just comic relief but has some very real depth.

Also really enjoyed talking with Thane too. Not only is it interesting how they portray his perfect memory but he too has an interesting past worth exploring. I think that is one of the best things about the Mass Effect universe in general is the strength of it's characters.

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@tofer50: Wait, Mordin performs a Gilbert and Sullivan song???

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I only got deep into Miranda.

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Thane and Mordin are pretty deep.

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Legion. He is a reflection of an entire species in the game and gives incite into one of the biggest threats to the Citadel council.

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Oh god. Don't make me pick. Umm. I think the term 'complexity' is a little too general to apply here. Emotionally, I think Thane has the most depth. Morally, Mordin has the most depth. Narratively, Garrus has the most depth.

Take your pick. My favourite of the three, respective to their depth categories, is Thane. I find him fascinating. But it's really hard to judge him as a character without knowing much about the Drell.

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Miranda's pretty deep in other ways nah' m'sayin?

the fuck is wrong with me?....I would say Wrex but my initial ME2 game had him dead in the stroyline....so I don't even know!

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Overall, I would say Garrus just because I felt more connected to him throughout ME1 and 2. Everyone's pretty much mentioned all my other picks. I think Tali is very interesting as a character once you complete her loyalty mission. The honor and responsibility the Quarians impose on themselves is fascinating to me especially when Tali would rather be exiled herself than ever have her father's name tarnished.

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Garrus. Calibrations run deep.

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Legion. He played video games.

#17 Posted by Brendan (8292 posts) -

@Mordukai said:

Legion. He played video games.

Whatever man, he was a fucking booster, I know for sure.

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When I really think about it, I should say Mordin. But I'm gonna say Garrus. Garrus is the only video game character to ever make me actually wish he was real so we could be buddies. I ALWAYS have Garrus in my squad. He's the man. Plus he's gotta be pretty deep. After all, he's got the reach.

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