Annnd you lost me

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Now I wasnt the biggest fan of Mass Effect. But now on my second playthrough ive ben having a good timw. Now Im at the first Asari boss chick and all im getting is;
Dropping to the ground

Who the hell designed this, there is literally nothing I can do to pass this bit.

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Run to the left cover, keep running to the right, cover.
Force push the woman on the stairs, she wont push you over.

Your underleveled, welcome to the world of RPGs.

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Maybe you can try temporarily lowering the difficulty if your not going for any of the achievements for playing through hardcore and insane (I think that's what they're called anyways).

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When I started playing I hit that wall and stopped playing for a while. It turned out I wasent underlevelled just that the game is broken, I everytime she would appaear id hang back and let my guys deal with it (since I can revive them and I cant be revived apparently) but I would keep getting hit by the stun attack through a wall :| I tried it about 40 times over a six month period then just happen to not get stunned by her and get to the third floor where she respawns and stuns me through a wall again :| Every other part of the game has been awesome so far, this part just feels broken. And I hate the fact that the auto-save is before the dialoge sequence so I had to keep watching it over and over again.

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Yep, I was there once. Went there first, severely under prepared.

I did the following
- Dial the game difficulty down to Casual
- Use the AI players talents
- Run to the right straight away, then up to the bridge
- Keep an eye on your allies health
- Use the explosive cannisters to your advantage

You should be able to get to the other side of this one.

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