Anyone still playing Mass Effect 1?

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#51 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5152 posts) -

You should get Mass Effect 2 for the PC that way you can download other peoples' saves.

#52 Posted by sopachuco13 (392 posts) -

I just started playing it again. I never finished my first play though. I want to finish this one and then do some research into whether to buy the 360 version or PS3 version of the second one. I really want to beat it this time so I am playing through on casual.
#53 Posted by Ford_Prefect (19 posts) -

Just today started a serious playthrough. Man, people were right - that mako reallly does suck!

#54 Posted by honeycut1 (142 posts) -

I still need to finish up the first Mass Effect

#55 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -
@ajamafalous said:
" I went back to it because it was a better game. "
I think I'm already following you, but if I wasn't, I would be now. 
I love the original game. It had so much more depth to the gameplay, had a more cohesive story line, and runs/looks great even today on a good PC.@bartok said:
" Was Mass Effect 1 really the better game ?  Maybe you liked the story better which is a matter of taste but did you really enjoy the brain dead enemy A.I.,  the numerous vehicle sections,  the elevator rides,  and the all around jankiness better then Mass Effect 2 ?  "
Mass Effect was unique. It had a very deep set of mechanics, all of which were fleshed out really well. Some were overboard (Inventory management was TERRIBLE), but it was a deeper, more cohesive game. Mass Effect 2 was just a shooter with a few basic abilities thrown in there, and a really disconnected, unimportant story. You go from saving the galaxy to saving small colonies of a single race. And a lot of the things Shepard and Co. do in ME2 fly in the face of what a lot of people's original Shepards stood for. The AI isn't any better, just better shots, which has little to do with the complexity of the AI, and the friendly AI isn't different at all, they just fudge the numbers to make them capable of hitting a target.
#56 Posted by captain_max707 (499 posts) -


#57 Posted by foggel (2764 posts) -
@ajamafalous said:
" I went back to it because it was a better game. "
Gameplay wise?
#58 Edited by Gerhabio (1977 posts) -

I like Mass Effect 2 better but I'm currently going through ME 1. The Mako fucking sucks.

#59 Posted by GnaTSoL (836 posts) -

Tried playing ME1 so I could jump into ME2 with progression but............ ME1 is the biggest pile of dodo I've ever seen. Sooo bad I gave up on the ME series. I wasn't going to play part 2 without going through the first one.

#60 Posted by keyhunter (3207 posts) -

I've got one more playthrough to do for the Asari Ally achievement. But playing through the game for the 8th time for 20 points doesn't seem very productive. I'll get it eventually though.

#61 Posted by SBYM (1219 posts) -

Just got a copy a couple of hours ago. So, yeah, I'm playing it.

#62 Posted by ThePickle (4189 posts) -

Fuck that. I barely got through it the first time. And that was only to have an import for ME2. I never want to touch that game again. 

#63 Posted by Dany (7887 posts) -

I started a renegade play through. ME1 still holds up, fantastic achievement in games

#64 Posted by SBYM (1219 posts) -

Finished my first playthrough earlier today, or, I guess that would be yesterday now. About half an hour later I started a New Game + and beat the game again in about 4 hours by just hammering the X button through all the conversations; a shame I can't skip the cutscenes as well. Feels weird to finish a Bioware RPG in less time than it took me beat Call of Duty 4 my first time, even if I already knew where to go and what to do, not that I'm really complaining about that. I'm actually thinking of doing a third playthrough tonight in hopes of getting to level 60, since I'm at 51 right now. Once I get there, I'll start a new career and try a different class. It's doubtful I'll go for the Insane achievement, but who knows, right now my soldier class is absolutely ripping through everything without even coming close to dying, aside from when a Thresher Maw decided to surface directly underneath the Mako; sadface.

#65 Posted by evilrazer (499 posts) -

A friend of mine played through it couple of month ago before playing ME2.

#66 Posted by Scarlet_Rogue (502 posts) -

I still play Mass Effect (and plan to play it again) because it's better than Mass Effect 2.

#67 Posted by MaFoLu (1859 posts) -

After spending about 80 hours on the PC version, then getting all the achievements on the 360 version, I feel like I've kinda done everything in that game... 

#68 Posted by zungerman090 (311 posts) -

Playing it at the moment actually. Still hate the Mako. Really don't know who to leave at Virmirie. Kaidan is cool and all, but Ashley just HAD to mention her family. Damn it

#69 Posted by Dany (7887 posts) -

'officially" I have two shepards. Female paragon and a male renegade. I had to replay my male renegade through ME1 because some decisions he made were not that evil

It is still a great game to replay. Virmire and Ilos are still fucking great and the combat made it easy on casual(15 hours in total for everything)

#70 Posted by PerryVandell (2108 posts) -

I've gone back to it when I've had the time. It's just I like to do almost everything in the game so a single playthrough can become a significant time-sink.

#71 Posted by FesteringNeon (2165 posts) -

This is the first time I've ever played a Mass Effect game.. (steam sale) .. and I know i'm super late to the party, but man... I see now why.. I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!  (excuse me, just played 14 hours straight) : /

#72 Posted by Dany (7887 posts) -
@Fullmetal216 said:
" I've gone back to it when I've had the time. It's just I like to do almost everything in the game so a single playthrough can become a significant time-sink. "
I did that over the course of what...4 weekends.

Totaled to 16 hours when speeding through the dialogue and on casual
#73 Posted by ajamafalous (12121 posts) -

I was about to comment in this thread, but then I saw that my comment was the first reply.

#74 Posted by Marz (5666 posts) -

I played it like 3 times through before Mass Effect 2 came out.  I think i'm satisfied for now.   Maybe i'll play it again when Mass Effect 3 is about to come out, just to refresh the story in my mind.

#75 Posted by Daveyo520 (6924 posts) -

Kinda, I need to play through it again on the 360.

#76 Posted by ArbitraryWater (11995 posts) -

I've played through it twice, and that's all the times I need to play through it. The idea that anyone could get the full S rank in this game baffles me to no end, mostly because of how totally and horrendously boring all the side content is.

#77 Posted by phish09 (1110 posts) -

I'm gonna play through this at least once more before ME3 comes out.  Totally customize my experience for my first playthrough of 3. 

I've played through the first Mass Effect 7 times, but yet not once since Mass Effect 2 came out.  I got pretty good at the original.  My last playthrough totaled 3 1/2 hours from beginning to end.  You can just rip through the story missions on any difficulty if you have a fully leveled up character.  I love those games so much.  I can't wait to play through them again nearer the end of this year.

#78 Posted by SBYM (1219 posts) -
@ArbitraryWater said:
" I've played through it twice, and that's all the times I need to play through it. The idea that anyone could get the full S rank in this game baffles me to no end, mostly because of how totally and horrendously boring all the side content is. "
If you want to get the Achievements for completing the majority of the game, then it's pretty easy to just hammer the X button through all dialogue. Once you've completed the game the first time, you're so powerful that you barely need to pay attention during combat. I got all the ally Achievements over the course of a week or so by kind of half-ass playing while listening to music/podcasts or talking on the phone.

Granted, that doesn't say a whole lot for Mass Effect as a game that I had to do other stuff while playing to keep from falling asleep, but still, it doesn't take much effort. The games only a few hours long, even when doing almost everything, so long as you blaze through all the talkin' parts.
#79 Posted by bkbroiler (1640 posts) -

I'm replaying it right now. I'm trying to speed through everything as fast as possible so I can import into ME2 with a different playthrough. I honestly don't know if it's worth it... I'm not having that much fun.

Also, the renegade path seems to not leave many left to come back in the sequel, at least from what I've read. Almost doesn't seem worth it, except for a few big decisions (though I'm killing the Rachni, and that just means they won't be there anymore... so is it even going to be interesting to see the difference?).

#80 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

Was thinking about picking it up on the PC for a 9th playthrough, yeah. Already have it on the xbox but my PC is so much better that I'd prefer it like that.

#81 Posted by emem (1971 posts) -

I'm thinking about playing through it for the first time, but I'm a bit afraid that I'll be annoyed by some things, because I've already finished ME2 two times. I'm sure it's a great game though.

#82 Posted by DoctorLazy (93 posts) -

It's a bummer that instead of making the vehicle easier to use for those who (inexplicably) had trouble with it they just removed exploration from the second and, I assume, third game. The exploration made the "world" feel huge, and most the planets are really distinct feeling. Admittedly the side missions could have used more variety in content and design.

#83 Posted by RichieJohn (527 posts) -

@Andorski said:

I've been trying to, but the shooter controls of the first one are so inferior that I might end up buying the PS3 version so I can use the comic to make my decisions from ME1.

You can get the comic on the 360.

I love ME1 I've probably completed it about 10 times now. Definatly my favourite game on the 360.

I played mainly as an adept/vangaurd so I really didn't see a problem with the shooting. I actually prefer the power system in ME1 as you can use more powers more frequently.

What's the big deal with the mako missions? It works fine for what you need to do with it.

#84 Posted by jwebb1111 (1 posts) -

I want to go back because I need to save Wrex and have him in ME 2 for me. I was nice to him when he was getting angry so I'm not sure how to keep him from getting killed. Can I revert to a previous save and somehow keep him from dying, then recomplete the rest of the game? Do I need a certain charm level?

#85 Posted by Delphic (62 posts) -

I'm hoofing it through 2 right now, but when I finish that and 3 when it comes out I'm going to go back and do a massive play through of all three games. I really underestimated just how awesome the story and the game itself for that matter really is. It actually is quite a bit of fun when you finally become a spectre.

#86 Edited by NTM (7516 posts) -

No. I'm all ready for three now fortunately. There's only one small mistake that I regret and couldn't fix after it was done for my third ME play through. This is an old thread by now, but whatever.

#87 Posted by IkariNoTekken (990 posts) -

I've... uh... never played it.

I have both games with all the DLC and I'll get around to them eventually, promise.

#88 Posted by Vinehorn (2 posts) -

I just finished playing ME1 (2nd play-thru) last week. Made it to 59. I tried to get to 60 but it wasn't happening.

I wanted to make sure that I played ME1 and ME2 (at least 2 plays each) before hitting ME3.

I just started ME2 this week. I'm very happy that I played ME1 at least 2x. It was totally worth it. I was a little reluctant to play ME1 because folks dissed the gameplay controls. Now I realize that those folks probably went to Disney World (ME2) before visiting Disney Land (ME1). If all you know is Disney Land (ME1) then the gameplay is pretty dope.

#89 Posted by rawrsair (821 posts) -

Been meaning to play through it again, I've played through it three times already, was going to go for a fourth but I'm playing Persona 3 right now.

#90 Edited by Jondan (84 posts) -

I fired it up to start a renegade FemShep. The Genesis DLC for ME2 was an option, but I think I'd rather play ME1 in its entirety and get the full experience.

Have already punched out a civilian, and pulled a gun on and extorted some others for material gain. Giving Williams lip for being incompetent and losing the rest of her squad on Eden Prime was amusing also.

Renegade FemShep is going to do well.

#91 Posted by believer258 (12083 posts) -

Ancient thread.

Despite all of the not-so-great aging, I do plan to replay it at some point. But not now. I've been dicking around with Dragon Age Origins for months now, and I want to finish it. The same for KOTOR. If I'm not on Bioware overload by then, I'll do my Mass Effect replay then.

Strangely enough, after finishing ME1 the second time I immediately bought the comic book thingy so I'd never have to replay the first game again. To this very day, I've never actually used it.

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