Bioware easter egg / Quote Déjà vu

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On a mission in the original Mass Effect (or possibly the Bring Down the Sky DLC) you board a ship with hostages or terrorists of some kind. 
When reaching the end you engage in a conversation with the bad guy and at least for me it ended with him saying:  
"You are like the others, a blasphemer who must die". 
When this happened I got a feeling of  Déjà vu and wondered where I'd heard the phrase before. 
Google failed me and I never discovered where I'd  heard it before. 
I've only played KOTOR of Biowares earlier games and I'm suspecting this may be where I heard it. 
I know own neither of the games so I can't check it out. 
So, if anyone knows what I'm talking about... thanks. It'd be real nice to know where I've heard it before. 

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