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What changes to the new Mass effect would you like to see?
I think a better store interface would be nice. Primarily the way the items are sorted, rather than having it ranged from most expensive to least, the items should be sorted by sub-sections like armour, weapons, upgrades etc.

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A PS3 version =P

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yeah, the store change with an overall inventory change.  of course, the whipping boy, the mako needs an overhaul

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I'd just like to see a little better stability on the next PC version. I thought that it was surprisingly well optimized for FPS on even mediocre systems, but it had a habit of crashing more often than I'd like on most PC's. Oh, and hopefully they don't have the same pixelation problems with some of the effects that they had with this game on Radeons.

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Combat needs to be completely re-done. Along with the Mako.

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I agree that the combat need to be redone. I like how it has a third person shooter element but the biotics need a hot key system instead of having to pause the game and choose the one you want to use. The Mako needs work too. Also, the texture loading needs some work. I hated the lag as it loaded the planet.

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I strongly agree that the inventory needs a major overhaul. The most irritating thing was when you had more items than you could carry and you were forced to turn them into omni gel. My second problem was the almost constant frame rate issues. Lastly there need to be more planets which have significant structures and/or characters instead of the same buildings being scattered on every planet. Other minor things like the mako and combat system bother me as well but i can live with those not being changed.

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