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I have been watching some youtube videos where someone explains how to create one character or another, like Michael Jackson or Clint Eastwood, basically what they do is to go through all the menus in the character creation interface and list which position should the slide take (since it is not continuous), so it's possible to do the same with your XBox, just reset all of them to the starting position and then move right as many times as required.

I couldn't find one of those videos and I'd really appreciate if someone linked or made it. It should be really simple. The character I'd like to make is the original Shepard, the one that is not customized, (of course to use it as a starting point and then introduce some modifications).

It should be possible, I mean, that character is already in the game, so they probably just made the system for character creation and created one specific character to be the default, right? That would definitively be the right way to do it.

Thank you.

PD: if someone doesn't have an answer but can point me to a better place to ask this that would be quite helpful as well. Thank you again.

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The default male Shepard isn't available for customization, and you can't make him in the character creator since he is based off of a real person and they made that model outside of the game. 
I have seen someone use the texture of the default shepard on a custom one, but that is only on the PC, and it won't be the same model either way. 
Basically, it's impossible to make the default Shepard using the character creator.

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I was trying quite hard and I could get nowhere close, not even for a specific part like the eyes.

That sucks, and it's quite lame, if you ask me, the character creation is so bad not even they would eat their dog food...

In any case, thank you for the answer, so I don't waste my time trying.

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