Engineer sucks

#1 Posted by Lev_Arris (103 posts) -

I have to say, I'm really disappointed with the  Engineer class in Mass Effect.  I pick the class because it seem like a cool idea taking over a couple of Al robots but hell after maxing the level out it's not worth it at all. 
In Mass Effect 2 is the Engineer class worth trying again or should I seek a new class besides soldier.

#2 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8699 posts) -

Engineer is...strange, way more of a laid back function instead of actively attacking is how I experienced it.
Did you try an Adept? Pure biotics is awesome and my class of choice, but if you like a lil more gunplay try out Vanguard!

#3 Posted by triple07 (1196 posts) -

I tried the engineer and hated it so I would try a different class. My class of choice is vanguard but I also like infiltrator and adept.

#4 Posted by Gamer_152 (14078 posts) -

It's hard for me to compare because I played engineer in Mass Effect and soldier in Mass Effect 2 but I did find the combat more exciting as the soldier than I had as the engineer, however I still had a fantastic time with the original Mass Effect.

#5 Posted by Aronman789 (2676 posts) -

Engineer is more of a laid back, support/healing type class, of course you'll be bored with it if you march in expecting heavy battle.

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I played Vanguard on my first playthrough, and got pretty close to finishing my insanity playthrough with engineer before i burned myself out on the game. I really enjoy the engineer, but I didn't play the first ME so I don't know how it compares. 

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It's better to play Infiltrator in ME1 then the engineer imho. You still get the more useful of the engineer skills and a properly speced out Infiltrator with a handgun can out-dps an assault calss in ME1. Hacking is cool on Geth armatures :P
Engineer is similarly not very useful in ME2 , it's pointless to hack the common robots becouse they are weak, and stronger ones have sheilds and armor that needs to be taken down first at which point you might as well finish them off, the robot drone is also pretty mediocre, especially so the higher your difficulty setting. Only really useful thing is the cool looking tech shield.

#8 Posted by FunExplosions (5407 posts) -

For all these reasons, it's not too fun. In ME2 - if I remember correctly - all you get is to be able to send out some little drone thing. Really lame. I hope they finally upgrade it to an MK bot in ME3, or at least something other than a little orb. (Note: didn't play Engineer in ME2, I'm under the impression that the Engineer gets the same special ability as Tali.)

#9 Posted by tourgen (4500 posts) -

Yep, engineer is not a good class in ME1 or 2.  I'd say it's the weakest class in ME2.  It's pretty easy to die at the higher difficulties and your abilities aren't all that useful.  Try an infiltrator in ME1 or 2.  They're pretty good.

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