Finally getting around to playing this

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I bought this used for $25 a couple months ago and finally started it tonight. After totally botching my first attempt at a custom Lady Shepard (but still playing with her for 2.5 hours), I couldn't stand it any more and started fresh. My second was better, but still not right. If I'm going to spend hours playing this game, I can't be disappointed everytime I see her face in a cutscene. 
After the third try, I'm quite happy with my final results. 
Introducing Neena Shepard, the Earthborn, Ruthless Soldier:  

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Man, I totally suck at making in-game characters.  Every time I try, they look damn weird.  Nice work though on your Lady Shepard though.

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I know the feeling of awful custom characters.  My male Shepard has bright green eyes.  They looked alright while making the character, but now he looks possessed.

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@JokerSmilez: My advice, don't change the character at all. 
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As am I. Picked it up on Steam for 5 bucks like so many others. Well I did play it on the 360 when it came out, but I never got to beat it. I however go with the default Shepard, cause he looks just fine.

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@sagesebas said:
" @JokerSmilez: My advice, don't change the character at all.  "
good advice 
I tried playing Mass Effect  3 times. always got confused/bored out of my mind after 1-2 hours.... fuck mass effect =/
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I always put so much effort and assurance into my Shepards so I wouldn't have the same problem as you did. Feeling fed up with how he/she looks and just starting over.

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@sagesebas said:
" @JokerSmilez: My advice, don't change the character at all.  "
After a couple tries, I'm very happy with my custom Lady Shepard. Much better, IMO, than the default. This one suits the personality I've decided on for her much better.
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Oh she's pretty. My custom characters always end up looking really shocked.

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