How do the save transfers work?

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I bought ME from Steam.  Lets say I buy ME2 from Amazon download.  Will my save game carry over?  Please say yes.

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I don't think so... should've gotten in on steam, it was $10 two days ago.

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I don't see why it wouldn't work. When you install Mass Effect 2 there is a launcher you can use to copy your Mass Effect saves. Just click "configure" and go to "Save Games," click the copy saves button and then simply direct it to the folder that contains your Mass Effect save files. Next time you run Mass Effect 2, you should be able to import your old Shepard. Also, why are you buying it from Amazon? Steam has ME2 on sale for $15. Unless you're getting a discount I don't know about or using a gift card... Regardless, you should be fine.
Edit: I see that Amazon is selling it for $14...

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