Ideas on next Mass Effect DLC?

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Well, I just finished reading the OXM article and they basically confirmed one more Mass Effect DLC incoming? Any ideas?

I hope it ties in with Ceberus, and we learn more about them, since they seem to be key in the ME 2 story. Basically, I hope it acts as a beautiful link between the two Mass Effects, maybe explaining to us why people will think you are dead?

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Some info has come out about the second DLC. Apparently it includes some sort of illicit "Fight Club" like group that Sheppard has to break up. Wouldn't be surprised if it tied into the Cerberus stuff, though that dosen't exactly sound their speed; they're more politically motivated where as this sounds like a sort of organized crime set-up. Maybe more Batarians?

BioWare also said in that same article that this was basically the last bit of Mass Effect we're getting before the next game. Hope it is more substantial than Bring Down the Sky; they certainly have had time to work on it, though I mostly want them to make ME2 perfect.

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Coke party at the Asari whorehouse?

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Lydian_Sel said:
Coke party at the Asari whorehouse?
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More sex!!!!!!!!

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@cc23574 said:
" More sex!!!!!!!! "

Ha ha, your comment + you picture = hello stereotypical nerd.
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@Plasma said:
"@cc23574 said:
" More sex!!!!!!!! "

Ha ha, your comment + you picture = hello stereotypical nerd.

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i just cant wait for the new dlc but i hate all this waiting and not knowing any thing bout it UGH

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