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So far I'm around 10 hours in and it's been a great experience, I've done several side quests and have found them to be all enjoying. The story is great, and I am enamored by the universe, and characters, specifically Tali, and Garrus. I have found myself to specifically keep them in my party because I find their back stories and personalities very compelling.  
Also I throughly enjoy the combat, I have heard it described as "janky" but I haven't found this to be the case. Maybe its just because I haven't really played any "newer" games, and am still used to how older games play. That aside the game is shaping up to be one of my favorites. 

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My first impressions were pretty poor, but after finishing it i can easily say it is a 9.5/10.

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Mass Effect is an amazing experience. Before Mass Effect 2 came out it was my favorite game of all time. Now I can't decide, so I just say the Mass Effect series are my favorite games of all time :D 
The universe is probably what I love about it the most. Bioware are the masters. 
I took Wrex and Garrus along with me most of the time.  
Have you played Mass Effect 2 yet, or are you playing them in order?

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I loved it and played the living crap out of it.
Though I haven't played it since I got Mass Effect 2, I still love the first one. The universe was set up very well and there was just so much to do.
Probably will play it once more to get that "Perfect" Shepard ready for ME3. To be honest, I kind of liked the combat in Mass Effect just a tiny bit more than the combat in ME2, mostly because each power had it's own reload time so Adepts were basically Gods. If you got everything just right, you'd be rolling around with a basically a one-hit-kill shotgun, a pistol which could be fired forever without overheating, and you could use each power and by the time you used the last, you could start using them again.
Also: Infinite Barrier. The Universal Cooldown for ME2 makes them less God-like, but still pretty impressive. Though Infiltrator might've stolen the slot for my favorite class in ME2.
Edit: After my first run, I was using Tali full time (my favorite character by far), and the second spot would switch between Garrus and Wrex (with Wrex coming in second favorite and barely beating Garrus).

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I fucking love this game though texture pop ins can get rather detramental

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I hated the start of this game and I hated Feros and the one where you rescue liara. I loved Noveria and Vimirie and the ending

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@xyzygy: I have not played Mass Effect 2 yet, though I plan to. I'm kind of torn though, when I get around to playing Mass Effect 2 my computer probably wont be able to run it, and I'm not sure if I wanna pick up an XBOX 360 or PS3 for my next system. 
I am relieved that Tali is generally liked, I thought she might be one of those characters people dislike. I'm not running the game on full power(which is fine by me) and I haven't really experienced any texture pop ins yet.  
Another thing I love is that there are no bullets, instead the guns just overheat. 
I think right now though I'm going to finish a bunch, if not all of the side quests because I'm afraid I'm nearing the end of the main story. 
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Good to hear you're enjoying it, its a fantastic game. Are you playing the PC or 360 version?

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@sagesebas: If your computer can't run it, Mass Effect 2 is a great reason to buy a 360. It runs so smoothly and all of the graphical problems from the first (which in my opinion don't hurt the experience at all, some beg to differ) are gone. But then, you won't be able to import your character. Then again if you really like ME1 - it's worth playing over with a different class and taking different sides, and ME1 is really easy to find and cheap for the 360. Then you can continue to import your character for ME2, and then 3! 
Mass Effect was the reason I bought my 360  :P
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I am playing the PC version. It'll probably be awhile before I get a new console, but I have been leaning more towards the XBOX 360. The games I'm probably most looking forward to playing on those systems are Dragon Age and Mass Effect, maybe Lost Odyssey, oh and I've heard Read Dead Redemption works better on XBOX

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I really liked the first one. But I haven't played the second yet even though I bought it back in January.

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