Is Pinnacle Station worth playing?

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I'm playing through Mass Effect for the first time.  I just finished Bring Down the Sky and enjoyed it quite a bit, but I hear bad things about Pinnacle.  Oh and if I don't play it will it affect my Mass Effect 2 playthrough?  Thoughts? 

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Pinnacle Station isn't really too much to write home about, and this is coming from someone who considers Mass Effect his favorite game ever made. It's just basically a tournament type deal where you have to beat scores and get an easy 150 achievement points. Even for a massive Mass Effect fan it's kind of throwaway, but at the same time I'm glad I bought it.
I don't think it has anything affecting ME2, it might affect ME3 though. Who knows.

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It's all combat scenarios which were not ME1's best feature. It doesn't link to ME2 in anway either so I wouldn't recommend it.

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So it's the Mad Moxxie of Mass Effect?  I think I'll pass.  Thanks for the advice.

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