Just Finished (Possible Spoilers)

#1 Posted by sagesebas (2003 posts) -

Oh man, the game exceeded my expectations greatly, easily one of the best games I've probably ever played. 
Just curious how long did anyone take on their first play through. Mine was around 19 hours

#2 Posted by EVHKwick (452 posts) -

I had over thirty hours the first time. I did everything. Did you just hit the main points?

#3 Posted by sagesebas (2003 posts) -

Well I did some of the planet stuff I was interested in, like the side quest involving the moon. I wasn't necessarily interested in collecting certain things. 
Once I got to Illos though I had to finish it

#4 Posted by StarFoxA (5157 posts) -

I've played through the game twice, and both of my playthroughs were EXACTLY 11 hours and 13 minutes.

#5 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8576 posts) -

I could beat the game in nine hours without the side quest. However I finished the game over and over until mass effect 2, I put alot of time in that game.

#6 Posted by sagesebas (2003 posts) -

Overall though I was pretty satisfied with how long it took

#7 Posted by Soapy86 (2620 posts) -

I think my first playthrough was about 34 hours. 
Glad you liked the game.

#8 Posted by AlwaysBeClothing (1469 posts) -

I think the first time I played it was about 7-9 hours or so, just plowed through the story.  My 100% run was about 25 hours or so.   I think in all I put like 70 hours or something into it, via 3.5 playthroughs.  Some of which were put in after beating ME2 when I wanted to prepare a save for ME2 play.

#9 Posted by TheCreamFilling (1225 posts) -

I beat it seven times, three times I did everything, including searching all planets for every available mineral. I don't remembeer, but I assume it took a long time. 

#10 Posted by ky326 (255 posts) -

I have beaten that game at least 7 times and my most recent playthrough took about 17 hours.

#11 Posted by sagesebas (2003 posts) -

Yeah I'm going wait a little longer to play the second one, and read the book Mass Effect Revelations. 

#12 Posted by EVHKwick (452 posts) -

Has anyone read the books that fill in the gaps? I'm curious to know if they're good novels or just glorified fan-fiction.

#13 Edited by sagesebas (2003 posts) -
@hack745:  I've started the prequel novel so far it's good. I know it's written by the lead writer of Mass Effect, and he has several other books he's published as well.  I know Brad and Vinny both enjoyed them, for what thats worth.
#14 Posted by InKtOiD (100 posts) -

I actually just finished this game yesterday for the first time at a playtime of just under 34 hours. But I also did every assignment in the entire game and the DLC now. The game was above and beyond all expectations of what I had for it and I'm glad I finally decided to pick it up and it was incredible. I'm going to do at least a run through on Hardcore and Insane before I head on to Mass Effect 2

#15 Posted by SilentCommando (579 posts) -

yeah, I just finished too. My playthrough took about 15 hours, but I skipped all of the sidequests.

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