Liara Romance Question

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If I boned down on Miranda, can I still continue my relationship... Romantically, with Liara in Shadow Broker?


Oops, sorry, was supposed to be in ME2 forums.

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Since you 'boned' Miranda you can't 'bone' Liara in Shadow Broker as you can only 'bone' one character at a time.

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Ahhhh! I just boned myself!

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She'll explicitly ask if you want to have make-up sex with her, or "sargone" sex the asari call it, and you'll be rewarded with an interactive cutscene that insists you either turn the right analog stick up and down (if you're male) or in circles (for females). After that, Miranda will come in and explode, thus effectively setting up Mass Effect 3 for you.

Or what Jason said.

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Actually, no. You can still get with Liara in SB even if you romanced Miranda or whoever it was you romanced. She'll call you out on it but she's still willing to be with you. Miranda doesn't even seem to care, seeing as you'll still be able to call her up to your loft afterwards. Wonder how that'll be handled in ME3...

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It will be handled with a third romance partner and a foursome.

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