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#1 Posted by YuXing (65 posts) -

Do you guys think that they should abolish the character class altogether?
it can be like semi-oblivion style, that you can choose soldiering, technical and biotic skills on your own.
therefore you can choose to make a pure class by going down one of the path, or mix and match to form like mix-class like vanguard.
you can also choose to dabble in all of the three classes.
to increase replaybility, they can implement a system where the level cap increases for every subsequent playthrough, therefore, conceivably, you can have a fully max-out character.

#2 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

Nah I like the way things are in the game. I like having my choices without having to pick a path.

#3 Posted by YuXing (65 posts) -

What i mean is that all skills are available on the get go.
It will be like oblivion where with enough effort, all skills can be mastered.
So you can create and develop a character who is good in everything.

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