Mass Effect 2 disc edition

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I loved KOTOR, but I missed out on this one last year. At 19.99 I think it's a great time for me to jump into it. Should I buy this game?

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Absolutely you wont regret it :)

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Definitely, it's a brilliant game.

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The 2-disc edition is out?

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freezerr said:
"The 2-disc edition is out?"

Gamestop has it listed for sale as of 2/11/09.
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19.99 is a steal for this game

#8 Posted by TekZero (2694 posts) -

Yes.  Get it, you won't be dissappointed.

#9 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -

Get the game.  It is really awesome.  I'm sure that you'll enjoy it.

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I bought mine for about the same price...

After playing it, I wouldn't have minded paying full price, because it is entirely worth it
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I am about 10 hours into Mass Effect, and I can say that I am very glad I bought this game. The story is fantastic, the art style is amazing, and the gameplay ia very enjoyable. I've listened to the criticisms of the game when it first came out, and I can vouch for most of them. The inventory system is mediocre, but not horrid as some have said. The elevators are also annoying, but this is a minor detail. I think installing to my hard drive has made some of the graphical erros like pop-in go away, as I have very rarely seen this. I just knew if I didn't install this game my disk drive was going to be toast!  The Mako is a bit too bouncy for my liking, and the turret firing has to be dealt with in the sequel.  I was a little worried that Mass Effect would be too much like Star Wars, but in reality, Bioware has truly defined a unique universe.

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I haven't played this yet but if I seen it for $20 then I'd have it in my hands in the next 5 seconds.

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Mass Effect is one of my favorites. The side quests are pretty uninspiring, but the rest of the game is awesome.

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I misread the title as Mass Effect 2, Disc Edition. I was like, "What? Is it digital ditribution normally?"
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Yes! I'm thinking about trading in my version of Mass Effect (which is the solo disc), just to buy this version, so I don't have to download the DLC. But the game as a whole is very, very good.

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Arkthemaniac said:

I misread the title as Mass Effect 2, Disc Edition. I was like, "What? Is it digital ditribution normally?"

Anyway. It's a great game. Play it, friend.
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I borrowed it from a friend just to try it out. We initially agreed for me to borrow it for like a week. I ended up keeping the game for six months and three playthroughs.

Totally worth playing. The sequell cant come fast enough.

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Daz0608 said:
19.99 is a steal for this game

Agreed!  If you enjoyed Kotor then you should deffinatly buy this game!
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jhosaphat said:
I loved KOTOR, but I missed out on this one last year. At 19.99 I think it's a great time ... [more]
Yes. Even if you hated every other game you've ever played, you should buy this outstanding title for $20 bones. Like, this should not be a question. Oh yeah, some guy wrote this Mass Effect opus or whatever.

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