Mass Effect and Fox News

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I know most of you have probably seen the Fox news coverage of Mass Effect where not even Geoff could convince those retards there was no real nudity. And if you haven't watch the video below...


But have you seen the parody video?


Just another low-point in coverage of video games from people who do not play them. Alas, the parody is pretty funny. One more question I have to ask is if this game is good for completionists? Can I go into the game and do every side-quest without having to look on the internet to find them (Looking at you Fallout...)?
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There are a few tricky ones you could miss, which require returning to the space station at certain times and looking in the right spot.

Or finding certain quests on various planets/space stations.

Also once you complete the main story, there is no going back, including for the DLC.

Also there is usually three results for each quest. So there are alot of different results, not to mention i believe the series will take quest results from the first game into the second and third game.

So its either a completionists dream or the biggest nightmare ever.

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Geoff did a good job and made very good points, the sex scene is like 2 fucking minutes out of 30+ hours of gameplay

the thing is, videogames are taking over the entertainment business (including television) and they don't like it. and NONE of these people ever played the game, as Geoff intelligently point out, so they have no fucking clue as to what they are talking about. They're all dumb as fuck. I bet only guy on that panel had a kid anyways, o0o not in my house, like good for you dick head its a mature rated game its not for you're kid anyways. the one dumbass girl COMPLETELY ignores Geoff and goes on to say oh this game dersevers AO rating! THE HORROR. God forbid the game show anything close to as graphic as anything seen on daily primetime television or MTV. so dumb. no matter how much they bitch and pretend like theyre so morally correct on fox news, we all know they have their heads up their asses. i mean, the whole interview was designed to sway the audience (mainly old farts watch that during the day anyways) into thinking videogames are evil, just like music and movies were evil back in the day. They give miss i don't know anything i'm just a dumb blonde a hardcore narrow minded disbeliever one seat and one person who actually knows what he is talking about in the other seat, so he's almost 2 to 1 here. Then they throw it over to a panel?!!? what the fuck do they know? its a whole panel of people who don't know the first thing about videogams nowadays? theyre so out of touch its ridiculous. 
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Old, but infuriating none the less.  Parody is funny too.

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lmao @ the parody. But seriously, it's Fox News, can't expect much. That's why it was awesome when gamers started messing with that one lady's book reviews.

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I just hate it when people start bashing M rated games for having sexual themes  , that is just absurd , these game are not meant to be for kids just like adult movies , although 2 minutes of nudity in a lengthy RPG game does not count for shit 

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This parody was hilarious. I saw another parody a while back, but it wasn't very funny.

I like how Fox News never updated the story since Cooper Lawrence retracted her previous statements and said the game features nothing worse than people could see on an episode of Lost.

On another note, I still need to play Mass Effect.

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I would like a Sexbox.

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The parody is very funny and I just love how close the stupidity in the video is to the real story.

But, yeah, that Fox News story makes me so mad.  The stupid conservative "panel" and discussion is extremely one-sided. Geoff tries his best but is turned down by a bunch of stupid, ignorant "journalists." The woman argues how Mass Effect makes women look like sex objects when, in fact, the whole game is in favor of equality, considering the persecution of alien races in the game and the whole character of Ashley, who proves to be a strong, anchoring aspect of the squad.  

Fox News is obviously terrible, but this is taking it too far, even after a year.
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"Who can argue that Luke Skywalker meets Debbie Does Dallas is a good thing? It's not." I audibly lol'd at that. Fox News should be known as "Fixed News" or "Fox Noise," as Keith Olbermann affectionally calls that bastion of incompetency. That shit is plain comedy gold!

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BiggerBomb said:
""Who can argue that Luke Skywalker meets Debbie Does Dallas is a good thing? It's not." I audibly lol'd at that. Fox News should be known as "Fixed News" or "Fox Noise," as Keith Olbermann affectionally calls that bastion of incompetency. That shit is plain comedy gold!"

Olbermann is GOD!!!
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Isn't this super old?

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TwoOneFive said:
"Geoff did a good job and made very good points, the sex scene is like 2 fucking minutes out of 30+ hours of gameplay
Wrong.  Between the highly-intensive mini game and the nigh-constant nudity, I'd say the sex takes up almost twenty-nine of that thirty hours.  And, whoa, Shepard.  Just whoa.

I guess that's why it's called Mass Effect.
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Ah, this brings back memories.

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Dude, not even that.  The sex scene in Mass Effect is somewhere between 10 to 20 seconds.  It's nowhere close to 2 minutes

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I hate those Republican broadcasters (foxnews).

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I lol at fox news and their ignorance on every single topic they "cover".

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I'll be honest, that is the first time I've seen the fox news video.  FUCK.  Those people are retards.

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I heard that game had sex and nudity in it, but then I just googled "boobs" and forgot about the game. Fox News... I mean Fox opinion is trash.

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That parody is hilarious because of how much it reflects the actual news story.
As for Faux News, It's the worst news station in a country of biased news media.


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