Mass Effect for the non-RPG guy - Round 2!

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So, Benezia gave me hell and I stopped playing for a week. Last night I picked it back up, dialed the difficulty back down to casual, played the game patiently and used talents (that's what they called?) and hot damn shot the hell out of her.


Spent the next 3 hours going all over the universe. Epic fun. You know how I hated loot? I friggin love loot! New guns! New ammo! New upgrades that I'll probably never use but they're NEW!

Now, question time RPG fans:

1. Currently I'm putting all my talent points into 'spectre', and 'charm' - is that a good start?
2. I'm also only ever taking Tali and Williams with me, I'm putting all the techy stuff into Tali and making Williams liquid death, a tank of the highest order. Is there any reason I should ever take other squad members with me if I just skill these two up? Or do other squad members have unique abilities
3. Since the game treated me like a jerk, I'm treating everyone in the game like a jerk too. Always telling people to shut up or die. My renegade points are off the hook but am I missing out on anything? I seem to still be getting things done, after I tell someone to shut up they usually say "oh well, I'll wait here to see if you do it anyway".

Oh, but I'm always nice to Williams, how could you not be nice to that HIDEOUS WEIRD EYE-BULGING FACE?!! Seriously she creeps me out. Thanks for the help!
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Well, it depends on your class. If you're an Adept, you're doing great with your party, but you should start spending your points in Basic Armor until you unlock pistols, then go for Pistols. Invest in Throw until you get Lift, then go for Lift. Then Warp until you get Singularity, and invest in Singularity.

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Ahh... I *think* I'm a soldier.

Why use ever pistols? I've used the Assault rifle, sniper and shotgun all at times... but what do Pistols have to offer?
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Williams might be a bit redundant if you are a soldier, because she is one too. It doesn't matter if you bulk up on those two anyways because XP is shared throughout the whole crew encouraging you to bring out any other party members.

If you are going renegade invest in Intimidate instead, charm is for Paragon. Spectre is a good all around choice though, can't go wrong. Remember though the more paragon or renegade points you get, the more Charm and Intimidate you get along with it. Invest in a little of every weapon though, full assault rifle and pistol is unecessary though, but Execute and more sniper skills is a god send.

Oh also invest in adrenaline because it allows you to recover all your moves in one shot (except adrenaline of course). Useful for healing and bringing your dudes from the grave. Invest in Williams Shotgun and sniper abilities, because the sniper rifle is really effective for the AI, and the plasma burst from the shotgun can come in handy. She should also be the medic, give her all the first aid skills, you don't need all 3 party members to have first aid.

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Good help, thanks!

The reason I wanted another soldier with me was because I got so frustrated fighting Benezia, I figured if I was to get in another combat situation I couldn't pass I didn't want to get stuck and frustrated again.

I'll have to start making notes...

Oh, and if Williams is my medic, is there one or two particulars I should be investing Tali in?

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