Mass Effect prices. What is wrong with the world?

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   So, after picking up Mass Effect 2 for a measly $20 a few weeks ago, I realized that my main Xbox profile was not the one I'd used to play Mass Effect 1, so the whole character import thing (which I really don't want to play the game without, for some reason) is unavailable to me. However, the save files still remained, so all I needed to do was pop in ME1 again, and play the last few minutes of the game and then I could import that shit. Sadly, I'd packed away the game a few months ago, thinking I probably wouldnt play it after I moved.  
   Today, in an effort to get the first game, I realized that while ME2 is being sold for $20 all over the place, ME1 was being sold for $40 new. My only question: what the fuck? 
PS: Im not from Australia
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God hates you.

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I picked up ME1 a couple years back for only $10. There's always places with stupid high prices, just look around a little and you'll find a reasonable price.

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Both Mass Effect 1 and 2 don't go for much more than 20 around here o.O  
Sucks to be where you're at, I guess

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It happens. Depends on where you were shopping also. When I first got Disgaea 3 used it was $17.99. I sold it along with all my other PS3 games. Now that I'm trying to get them back, I noticed it was $29.99 used.

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I'm pretty sure you'll be able to pick it up super cheap used on ebay or somewhere similar.

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Geez, where are you shopping? Toys R Us? 
the Platinum Hits edition of ME1 is $20 at Best Buy!

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You didn't look hard enough.

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I bought ME for 20 dollars months before 2 came out, so I'd look around more. Shop online or check out different games stores, you'll find something. 

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Both games are $20 in Canada, that's a weird pricing disparity.

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Buy it off the net mate, the most I have seen either game go for is £15.

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I think the more important question is why ME2 is only 20 buck. I'm pretty sure that a copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee will run you more than that.

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My guess is it has an old price label that never got replaced. ME1 has been selling for $20 for almost two years.

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Look harder, you'll find ME1 for cheap. 

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it depends on what version you want to buy.

Original (2007) sell for $50-70

Platinum Hits with the 'Bring Down The Sky' DLC (2009) sell for $20

Collectors Edition (2009) sell for $700+

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Amazon that shit.

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the prices are the same on Amazon.

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Mass Effect 1 was better.

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