New dlc info

#1 Posted by Morter21 (10 posts) -

does anyone kno any info on the second dlc besides its a fight club and it links me1 and me2. like when it comes out, what its called and how much it is

#2 Posted by TheKidNixon (1619 posts) -

BioWare has gone radio silent on it, though they recently confirmed that it is still coming via their Twitter. So yeah, when its getting closer, we'll probably hear more.

#3 Posted by kmdrkul (3499 posts) -

I distinctly remember hearing them say something along the lines that more news is coming by Friday.  Well, today it Friday...

#4 Posted by Jedted (2655 posts) -

"Evil" Chris admitted on the ME forums that he got a little ahead of himself with that twitter post.  Apparently they're still not ready to divulge info on the next DLC pack.

#5 Posted by GodzillaVsJapan (112 posts) -

Any links to this info would be appreciated. I had no idea they were going to release a second DLC at all much less sometime soon. This has me really excited for Mass Effect again as I would love to play that game with some new content thanks.

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