Now the hype has died down...

#1 Posted by ClownDetective (157 posts) -

...Does anyone still feel like this game has the greatest story ever?  

#2 Posted by Cwaff (1316 posts) -

Maybe not the greatest story ever, but it was a damn good one.

#3 Posted by Binman88 (3707 posts) -

It was very good by game standards. Certainly not the greatest story ever though in my book.

#4 Posted by emkeighcameron (1895 posts) -

No, because we all know that the greatest story ever was in Tonic Trouble though ME is a close second.

#5 Posted by Pazy (2683 posts) -

I still love it as much as I always did, the characters well really well realised and they have hooked me into that universe so much.

#6 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

I couldn't get past the impossibly hard combat to see the story beyond Shepard becoming a member of that.. thing. Bah, I hate tactical squad shooters.

#7 Posted by Geno (6768 posts) -

The best space fantasy anyhow. 

#8 Posted by Illmatic (1380 posts) -

It was great but it felt like I was playing two different games. One was the backstory of my characters and the other was the main story arc. Both were good on their own but felt strange put together.

#9 Posted by VoodooTerror (611 posts) -

its the best sci-fi story by far, blends the scientific aspect of star trek and fantasy of star wars in a perfect way so that it feels completely unique

#10 Posted by Kombat (2291 posts) -

Nope.  I enjoyed the personal interaction between characters, but the overarching narrative was complete shit.

#11 Posted by Mrskidders (1298 posts) -

Really enjoyed the story personally.

#12 Posted by Gamer_152 (14297 posts) -

The greatest story ever? Maybe. At any rate the story side of the game was excellent.

#13 Posted by cohmafia (14 posts) -

I liked the story, but it definitely isn't the best ever.  

#14 Posted by AndrewB (7782 posts) -

No, but one of the greatest video game stories. Like many others, seeing the Normandy rebuilt gave me shivers, which is something not even many movies can do to me these days.

#15 Posted by raidingkvatch (1201 posts) -
@Cwaff said:
" Maybe not the greatest story ever, but it was a damn good one. "
This. Plus, it's very rarely the story itself that makes any piece of fiction great (every story has been done before in some shape or form), but the story-telling, and the story-telling in both Mass effect games is fucking fantastic.
#16 Posted by NTM (8476 posts) -

I don't really care about the story. Anyone could have thought it up without hesitation. It's the way you interact with the characters that makes it worthwhile.
#17 Posted by owl_of_minerva (1485 posts) -

They squandered a lot of the momentum of the first game by making it totally about the characters and very little about the universe in the sequel.  They're well-written games with good stories, but the huge shift in priority in ME2 left me cold.

#18 Posted by J0n3s1 (293 posts) -

Not the greatest story but the characters..

#19 Posted by kingkorn69 (340 posts) -

In my humble opion I think this is the greatest game story I have ever seen.  But again that is just me though

#20 Posted by bybeach (5188 posts) -

No. I'm not overwhelmed by MS-2 though I liked it. It had a decent story, mabe as one said, best space age fantasy ever, but I would need to know about Starcraft 2, and others.I did like Ms-2 in all regards and for me, thats good enough.

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