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I'm sure it's been asked before, but what should I get this game for?  I don't really care about achievements, and I have a pretty high end PC that should have no problems running it.  I read that the game was much improved in the PC version, but the reviews on the website sorta seem to indicate otherwise.

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If your machine is well above the specs I would say PC. You'll get better visuals, a (slightly) improved interface, and probably quicker load times. If there is a possibility that your PC can't run it on really high settings than go for the 360, as you're guaranteed a great experience (as long as a little texture pop-in doesn't bother you).

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I would go for the 360 even if my PC is able to run it. Don't know that's just me. I just prefer playing the original version rather than the ported one even when the ported one is technically a better version. 

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I heard the PC version is supposed to be better because they made the interface smoother and fixed glitches etc. I personally have a horrible PC so I've been enjoying the 360 version, but if your PC can handle it, I'd say go for PC.

Edit: I just realized this topic was made like 5 months ago... pretty sure if he hasn't gotten it for any system by now, he's probably not gonna get it at all XD

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