PC version getting h8 for DRM on amazon, opinions?

#1 Posted by Hexpane (1435 posts) -

Haven't bought a 360 yet, but I did have a XBOX1 and loved KOTOR 1 and 2.   ME looks cool enough, was going to plunge on PC version but people are piling h8 all over it.

Any other problems besides DRM?  I already have vista so the whole shitty OS is fucking DRM layer upon layer of nonsense, and I haven't had any issues w/ Bioshock or F03 DRM...

I just want opinions from those who have played the PC version and compare it to KOTOR etc... the OMG 9.5 reviews from places like IGN are not very helpful, especially when they hand out 9.5s to so much mediocrity.  I understand a 9.5 for KOTOR tho

#2 Posted by Zebadee (507 posts) -

Mass Effect is amazing, one of the best games I have played in a long time. Thats my opinion anyway...
I played it on the Xbox 360 so I wouldn't know about the PC version, but I do know this is a must play!

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