Pinnacle Station is launching...Now

#1 Posted by GalacticPunt (1164 posts) -

For DLC that is supposed to be combat heavy, its rollout is all stealthy for some reason.  First impressions?

#2 Posted by JJWeatherman (14785 posts) -

Mass Effect is still getting DLC? Cool but... weird.

#3 Posted by natetodamax (19415 posts) -

I assume it's 800 points, huh?

#4 Posted by VicRattlehead (1416 posts) -
@natetodamax: 400
#5 Edited by GalacticPunt (1164 posts) -

Five dollars / 400 BalmerBucks.  Wish I could comment on the gameplay,  but some sort of synchronization issue is going on.   
Not only is the station not popping up on my map, the potential Achievement point total is still at 1050 everywhere.  So far deleting and re-downloading hasn't made the game recognize the 200 + meg DLC.

#6 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

I don't get it, it's a combat focused DLC for a game that's combat wasn't great to begin with...

#7 Posted by Mrnitropb (2131 posts) -

Apparently the bioware PR team is stuck in Germany.

#8 Posted by End_Boss (3363 posts) -

Now I have to set my 360 back up...

#9 Edited by Venatio (4644 posts) -

Wait what? I cant see it on the marketplace
EDIT: I just saw it, does it work?

#10 Edited by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

It does work, its essentially a bunch of VR missions, theres some dialogue from a few characters but thats it. 
Theres abit of a back story: get high score on all maps or X gets arrested.
Theres a few arena type maps, Tropical, Warehouse, Volcano, Subterranean.  Some mission types are:
Hunt - Kill as many enemies as possible, each kill adds more time.
Capture - Take and hold 4 points on the map.
Time Trial - Kill a number of enemies as quick as possible.
Survival - Stay alive as long as possible.

If you're playing as a Sniper/Infiltrator like me, this DLC isn't for you, just not possible to do some of the missions. Assault rifle would make it easy. I'm not done with it yet so can't say how it ends, but yeah, it feels like Bioware spent more time on the Avatar clothing than this DLC.
It's not bad for 400points I guess, but it's a let down after hearing about it such a long time ago.
At least it has given me the urge for a 5th playthrough.

#11 Posted by suneku (3005 posts) -

Hopefully it's fun, I'll be getting it when I play through it again before ME2 comes out.

#12 Posted by GalacticPunt (1164 posts) -

If you have the regular single-disc release of Mass Effect, Pinnacle Station should work just fine.  The common factor for people like me who can't access it:  Bring Down the Sky installed from the Bonus Disc.     

#13 Posted by babblinmule (1280 posts) -

I think I want to strangle the person at Bioware or EA who put the release date at today. I say this because just this morning, I left to study in Joensuu, Finland for 4 months, leaving my wonderful England and 360 behind.
Like I said, I want to hurt someone......

#14 Posted by Mrnitropb (2131 posts) -

Any new loots?

#15 Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell (2120 posts) -

Wait, so it's out already?! I saw the achievements a few days ago, but didn't know it would be out this soon, wow.

#16 Posted by sickVisionz (1299 posts) -
As far as new loot, I haven't beaten it yet but I know you can at least get a new gun.  Some guy makes a bet that if you can beat his scores, he'll give you his gun. 

" I don't get it, it's a combat focused DLC for a game that's combat wasn't great to begin with... "  
Compared to a 3PS the combat may not have been as good as Gears, but compared to RPGs it's probably one of the best combat systems.  I don't play many 3PS so I enjoyed the slower pacing of it.  If you use the radial menus on a regular basis, it feels like some super mix of everything that makes KOTOR's combat fun and a shooter, which I really latched on to.
I loved the combat in ME wanted for them to do something like a Hurricane Pack for it but now that it's here, i'm wishy washy on it.  Most of them are pretty easy and there's almost no variety when you're fighting non-Geth enemies.  With the Geth you'll start out with grunts then shock troopers, then rocket troopers, juggernauts, destroyers, etc.  Survival mode with that is fun because it keeps ramping up and eventually it feels like the game is spawning nothing but rocket launching enemies.  With organics it's kinda lame because all you're fighting is "Pirates".  It's not like they ramp it up to Krogans, then Asari commandos up until you're fighting waves of Matriarches or something like that.  Itt's just grunts.
Plus there really isn't much story to this at all.  All there is a guy challenging you to beat his score.They also missed a major opportunity for leaderboards.  These simulations are all competitive things and the game has leaderboards with a bunch of fake NPC characters.  I'm hoping that maybe once I beat the "story" the leaderboards will open up and have XBL users instead of NPCs. 
From what i've played (I still haven't done Time Trials nor the 3rd stage for the other modes) i'd give it 3/5.  If you enjoyed the combat of ME, you'll probably find something to latch on to that makes it worth $5.  If you didn't like the combat there is NOTHING at all.  The gun you get probably isn't all that good if you're on your second playthrough and have access to level X Specter equipment.
#17 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

I hope it's longer than 'Bring Down the Sky'

#18 Posted by Lies (3985 posts) -

Depressed as fuckkk my 360 is currently broken :(

#19 Edited by Damien (1378 posts) -
@GalacticPunt said:

" If you have the regular single-disc release of Mass Effect, Pinnacle Station should work just fine.  The common factor for people like me who can't access it:  Bring Down the Sky installed from the Bonus Disc."

Well looks like I'm not playing this today then.
#20 Posted by natetodamax (19415 posts) -

I plan on getting this game through GoD once I get some points so I can play through it again (haven't been able to play it for probably a year). I'm not sure I want to get this now if people are claiming it's mostly just combat.

#21 Posted by Shadow (5107 posts) -

now I can FINALLY get all 1250 in that game.  1050 is a really unsettling maximum score for some reason.

#22 Posted by wh1terav3n (622 posts) -

1200 total. 3 new 50 pt achievements.

#23 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

It was pretty fun....the last mission is pretty intense.

#24 Posted by PJ (1166 posts) -

Why hasn't there been any news on this on GiantBomb, This is bigger news then some add on for a shit game like death tank.

#25 Posted by Relys (1001 posts) -

I just  bought it, and it doesn't work. (I have Platinum Hits).

#26 Posted by raidingkvatch (1200 posts) -

I got it, I've done the majority, it's alright it seems like they were thinking of something like the Arena from KotoR but it just doesn't work as well, if you liked ME is worth the 400 points but it's nothing groundbreaking.

#27 Posted by EvilTwin (3312 posts) -

It sounds lame, and it once again only works on an uncompleted game save.  Pass.

#28 Posted by Mrnitropb (2131 posts) -

Ok, I was moderately exited about this, as the info stated you could win a weapon, and I've played alot of fallout, so I was like Shit Balls, new weapon drops for the first time in a year! Nope, the winnings are not new, nor even top-of-the-line. F that noise.

#29 Posted by onyxghost (334 posts) -

The DLC is O.K. The story is paper thin, but the combat if fun if you've already smoked all the fools in the game proper.

#30 Posted by Gypsy816 (21 posts) -
@Shini4444 said:
" Holy Crap!! Mass Effect has more DLC? Where have I been? "
Same here. I just saw it on XBLM a few days ago. Lucky coincidence!
#31 Posted by Shaymarx (131 posts) -

Im surprised that no media outlet is commentating on Msoft's refusal to address this non working DLC issue.
#32 Posted by Shaymarx (131 posts) -

Well at least it's working now.
#33 Posted by Vigilance (301 posts) -

I read something about an apartment being one of the things in this DLC. Like a permanent character home ala Bethesda's games?

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