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Hi, first of all, sorry for this, this question is about mass effect 1, but that forum is slightly dead.

I'm going to start my second playthrough, I can choose either to start a new career or use an old one. With the old one I keep my armor, level and stuff, that's great! but apparently I can't choose to play it on hard. If I start a new career I can be an engineer and play on hard, both are good, but I start on level 1.

I wanted to get the achievements for reaching high levels of experience, and also the ones for beating the game on the hardest setting. So I guess my only chance is to start a new career and do my best to get to the highest levels?

I wanted to be sure on this before screwing things up. Thank you.

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You can totally change the difficulty. That's how I played it on Insanity, I used my level 60 character.

I think what you have to do is pause the game as soon as you start (ie, before Shep leaves for Eden Prime) and change the difficulty. Trust me, it works. That's what I did.

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I moved it back to the Mass Effect 1 forum. Most users (I think the last poll showed over 90%) use the main feed for all the forums, so it doesn't actually matter which forum you post in where views are concerned.

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You can definitely change the difficulty. I'm pretty sure if you go into the options before loading up and change it, it'll start on said difficulty.

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