So I just finished the game...where is my complete save file?

#1 Posted by Dross (348 posts) -

I just finished the game on the 360, but it didn't give me an opportunity to save after I beat Saren and gave Anderson the council job.  My last save is an auto save before the Saren fight.  So when I start playing ME2 how will it know my final decisions?  Did I do something wrong? Thanks for any help.

#2 Posted by Andorski (5459 posts) -

ME2 will automatically find your save.  Your "final save" happens automatically and is different from your "game saves" that you make.

#3 Posted by mazik765 (2333 posts) -

Yup, these are 2 different saves. From my understanding you couldn't delete the end game saves if you wanted to.

#4 Posted by Dross (348 posts) -

So I shouldn't be able to see my end game save in my list of saves?

#5 Posted by Andorski (5459 posts) -

I think the "final save" is linked to your career profile.  Deleting your whole career profile might delete the save that transfers into ME2.

#6 Posted by Andorski (5459 posts) -
@Dross said:
" So I shouldn't be able to see my end game save in my list of saves? "
No, you shouldn't.
#7 Posted by Dross (348 posts) -

OK, thanks.  And sweet Green Ranger avatar!

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