Strange ME1 Career Save Cross-over

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I finished Mass Effect 1 a few months ago and decided to complete ME1 and 2 again with a different character to make the waiting for the final installment bearable. While playing with my newly created Adept I thought I might wanted to see where and how my original Infiltrator ended up with. I loaded her last save and to my surprise my fully geared up level 50- something is exactly where my new Adept is story wise.  
 She has the same jpurnal entries and assignments as my new Adept. Now, I already imported her completed savegame into ME2 and finished it a couple of weeks ago so nothing is lost there (and made a backup just in case). I'm wondering however if this is a known bug and if I should be careful when creating any more Shepards. 
I'm playing the Steam version with Bringing down the Sky installed. If this is a well known bug or if it's been posted several times already I apologize but putting so many hours into it and putting great value on all the decisions and mistakes my Shepards make on the fly, you understand why I might be concerned.

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