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Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station Review

Why do I do it to myself? Next time I must read the description before purchasing. Anyway, after a long wait Mass Effect has got its DLC it was promised all that time ago and after much waiting the result has been about 10x worse than the first DLC, Bring Down The Sky. How you ask, read on.

Pinnacle Station starts just like any Mass Effect mission by you traveling to it via your Galaxy Map. When you arrive you are placed in a kind of competition where you must fight through 13 combat scenarios that take place on the repetitive Mass Effect environments in a simulator to prove an angry Turian called Vidinos that humans are good at fighting. Yes, that's it.

The thirteen scenarios are broken into four categories to choose from. Hunt, which is where you must kill as many enemies in the given time and each kill will extend your time. Time Trial, which is basically the same except you have a set time and set amount of enemies to kill. Capture, where you must capture all the points on the map as fast as you can. Last category is Survival, which is a combination of staying alive, killing enemies, and lasting as long as possible.

Once you have completed this DLC you get 150 gamer score and a gun. There, am I happy? No, but that is it. No story, no bridge between Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, nothing. 400MP may not be a lot, but to be honest, I would rather get some of the Mass Effect Avatar clothes they released. If you are a diehard Mass Effect fan this probably wouldn't even impress you. It just feels like a mini game that does nothing to keep you playing and highlights the major flaws the game had (texture pop-in's, combat, A.I, load times). Do you have a spare 400MP? Good, keep them and wait for Mass Effect 2.

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Edited by Agent47CSim2

Havn't played it so I can't reccommend it, and the reveiw was rather short but what the hell. 
EDIT: my first, first!
Posted by EagleEye23

Well the DLC is rather short, trust me he covered everything

Posted by Kiemoe

Nice heads up, definitely seems like something that would be cool in the context of a multiplayer kind of thing, but pretty worthless as is.

Posted by agentboolen

Yea some times they just screw us with the quality of the DLC.

Posted by JLP

Thanks for the warning.  I'm dealing with RROD right now, but was thinking of downloading this one, since I'm getting more and more excited for ME2.  

Posted by theMuse

It blows my mind that Mass Effect was such an awesome game yet it's DLCs are such ass.

Posted by FunExplosions

Thanks for the review. Does someone else besides the original developers think this stuff up? I feel like the original writers wouldn't be able to pitch this idea, because they'd be vomiting in their mouths the whole time.

Posted by AutomaticSnake

wow im glad i didn't buy any Mass DLC. i just wish they release Mass 1 and 2 with all DLC on PS3 so i can sell my 360 and all my games including mass effect.

Posted by mrsmiley

THANK YOU for posting this. I recently completed Mass Effect for the first time (yeah, yeah late I know), and it was so good I was contemplating DLC. Not anymore. I had a suspicion it would be more of the same crappy ME "dungeons". god it was boring exploring the planets.

Posted by DFILL450
@AutomaticSnake:  Thats not gonna happen. Keep your Xbox 360. 
But then again, I guess since EA owns the rights to the game they COULD port it to PS3 maybe a year after its release. Once again, keep your 360
Posted by spilledmilkfactory

i see this more as bioware experimenting with multiplayer than as an actual release. hopefully when mass effect part 3 releases, it will include some type of MP game to complement the single player. anyway, too bad about this DLC, i loved mass effect.

Posted by Creamypies
@spilledmilkfactory: I really hope they don't throw in a multiplayer mode "for the sake of it", I hate it when developers do that. Mass Effect WOULD NOT WORK as a multiplayer game... well not one worth playing anyway.
Posted by Monkeygb21


Thanks Bloodeffect.   I was actually thinking about getting it but after reading the review I realized it was a waste of my time and money.

Posted by halfameatball

Thanks for the warning. I was planning on staying away after Bring Down the Sky anyway. It baffles me how Bioware got the dlc for this game so wrong, but I guess side missions were never Mass Effect's strong suit. Hopefully they get it right for the sequel.

Posted by empfeix
@halfameatball said:
" Thanks for the warning. I was planning on staying away after Bring Down the Sky anyway. It baffles me how Bioware got the dlc for this game so wrong, but I guess side missions were never Mass Effect's strong suit. Hopefully they get it right for the sequel. "
True that, needling through a lot of the side missions on the boring planets felt like grinding in a mmo, especially finding those stupid iron and whatever else lying around!
Posted by MeierTheRed

Sounds horrible.

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