armaan8014's Mass Effect (PC) review

This amazing game will keep surprising you ..

 The game is one of the absolute best that i have ever played (if not THE best). The main highlight of the game according to me would be the story, which keeps surprising you with the plot. The game doesn't necessarily emphasize on decision making, but how tactful you are defines how successful you may be.
The story in short is about a guy named Shepard, who becomes the commander of a ship called Normandy. He then has to pursue a traitor of the council, and along the way uncovers many conspiracies and secrets, which alarm even the player.
The game play is a LOT of fun, this being a game in which you just love to shoot enemies. You can take cover, sprint, and command your squad accordingly to win a battle.
The graphics are truly AMAZING, with very minute details like even the skin pores present.
All, in all, it would be crazy to not play this game, whatever the platform be. Its a revolutionary masterpiece. 


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