vvar_torn's Mass Effect (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Dissapointing, to say the least.

Mass Effect was for me at least was hyped beyond belief mostly by my friends who bought it and said "it's revolutionary" or "it's better than oblivion" (yeah right). So maybe it just didn't live up to the hype but I think it's just as bad as I think it is.

    First off the combat system is far to easy and boring, you can get through every fight in the game by simply taking cover and using the lock on feature to pick all enemies off, with no need to aim at all, fights get extremely repetitive. The biotic and tech abilities are either overpowered or underpowered and like the fights get repetitive. The story is only just so so and isn't as well done as it could have been. The things that admittedly does live up to the expectations is the conversation system which is very nice the FIRST time through, and the main characters are very nicely designed with good back story especially Wrex he's my boy. All the classes are stale and really unoriginal the first three are just pure classes for each category and the other three are just a few of the possible takes on combining them, custom class support of some kind could have solved that but no.

    That's just the main stuff the "planet exploration" don't get boring they are boring each explorable planet is just a randomly colored square with a mine or mineral deposit here or there oohh fun let's go find them. The side quests are nothing to really speak of, some are fun, but most are stupid and useless. The ending and final boss fight which I won't spoil for anyone was disappointing and neither were worth the sixty dollars I payed. The achievements are stale and not fun at all and require three play throughs to get them all I could not possibly get through that without ripping my eyes out because of boredom.

Overall this game is a rent at the most, don't pay money for this game it's not a complete peace of hot steamy garbage but it doesn't live up to it's potential, it's horridly bad points outweigh it's few fun parts, and it's a huge disappointment.

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