andyace83's Mass Effect (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Horrible nonsense

I played this game for like three hours and people who loved it says I didn't play it enough. 
I say I played it all too long.
Horrible game play, unimaginable dull universe with nonsensical plot (if I found any). 
I talked to a blue prostitue with tentcals on her head. She wanted my help, but since this was RPG I wanted to play the anti-hero so I said "No!". Then the game stagnated. Nothing happened while I looked at spiderlike creatures controlling a huge spaceship I wanted off of.
This game is for people who like Sci-fi but haven't seen Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5 and that show about that spacehip that lives with that blue creature who is an empath and all the other shows this game leaches off. The creatures are like star trek and star wars and the universe is like Babylon 5 and the story-line is like that show I forgot the name off.
I don't want to help prostitutes with tentacles for hair, nor talk to creatures that looks like rats, snakes and moscus oxes. I can talk to the animals in my back yard for that.
"But you can destroy the universe at the end!", they fans of the game exhales. 
Well I can just burn the *bleeping* game disc for that.


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