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Shmitatoe Ways In - Mass Effect

Mass Effect is a RPG and Third-Person Shooter for the Xbox 360 and PC. It is designed by Bioware and distributed by Microsoft. Its setting is around 150 years in the future in the Milky Way galaxy. It also consists of vehicular combat and team based fighting. 

Mass Effect's story is pretty good. Without giving away to many spoilers I will describe the story to you. You are always Commander Shepard no matter what sex you choose, male or female. You can change your first name but it doesnt really have any implications in the story or gameplay, its somewhat useless but it gives that extra customization element when you create your character. You are chosen to become a SPECTRE which is a "knight" of the galaxy because a turian SPECTRE has gone rogue. Throught the story you will uncover side stories and quests that you can choose to do if you want to or completly ignore. In your travels you will also meet other alien races that want to join your team that you can choose wether you want them to or not. The story will take you around 10 hours to complete if you go straight through, but if you decide to do the quests it could go up to 20 to 25 hours. When you first play through the story it is very enganging and I enjoyed it alot. You will want to go through it again just to see what you missed.

This is a unique part of the game. Like in some Bioware games like the infamous KOTOR, you can stop time and chose your moves or go straight action shooter. You are also equiped with magic like moves called biotics and electronics which can throw your opponent across the room or use electronics to blow up there weopon. There is also a team element so you can control your teams actions as well. And if all this wasnt enough you have a limited but fun vehicle combat and you can explore multiple worlds with your vehicle and spaceship all across the galaxy.

This game is one of my all time favorites. The story was good but once you beat the game you cant go back and finish side missions, its unusual for an RPG to do this but it makes some sense when you take into account there will be a sequel that follows this one, but you can replay the whole game again with your previous chacacter iwht out losing any levels or equitment. The graphics are really good. There are some slow downs and frame rate issues but there not that common. The voice acting is superb and its one game you will want to actaully listen to the actors and with the addition of the dialogue wheel which alows you to choose what you want to say, this game is top notch. If dont already have this game and are in to RPG's or even third person shooters, i would recommend this game highly.


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