colmustard's Mass Effect (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

A Masterpeice...

Simply put, if you haven't experienced Mass Effect then you really haven't entered the "now" generation.  From its incredible scale to its dialogue to the wonderfully written characters and themes, Mass Effect is a golden god.  You are Commander Shepard, charged with freeing the galaxy from an evil rougue specter named Saren.  It is this course of action that leads to an incredible ending that I won't spoil. 

Inventory can get a little clustered, mild frame dips (nothing serious), side missions get repeated a little.

All in all amazing.

Posted by grimhope

You know i finally started playing mass effect, and i got to be honest, I was completly bored after about 12 hours.  Its not that i dont think its an outstanding game, in fact i cant really put my finger on why i dont absolutly love it.  I guess its just alot like Kotor in that i could telll that the game was great, I just couldnt wrap myself around it.

I guess how you feel about Mass effect is how i feel about Oblivion.  Alot of people just could'nt get into oblivion, I however Have put in over 140 hours into it and have just started the Shivering Isles!

I guess its all just a matter of taste.  Talk to you soon.

Posted by ColMustard

Yeah, no offense taken.... different strokes for different folks.  I think a lot of what makes some games great for people is honestly the way devs present it.  I feel at home when I play a BioWare game, ya know? but again, Its all about preference.  There are things about Mass Effect that drive me nuts, but it was such a complete experience with its high level of presentation and an actual quality ending, plus they managed to actually pull us in for the next game... imagine that. 

When friends of mine borrow the game from me and they say, "I can't really get into the game after 10 or so hours" I ussually say, "just play the main story" its where all the meat and potatoes of the game is.  The fantastic story driven cut scenes and the emotion in the game.  Maybe that'll help.

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