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Mass Effect: Pros vs. Cons

1. Story. The main reason this game is so amazing.
2. Voice Acting.  With names like Seth Green and Keith David, no wonder the people sound amazing.
3. Customization. You can customize pretty much anything on your character.
4. Graphics. Truly is next gen graphics.
5. Characters. Each individual is interesting.
6. The look of it. Looks very futuristic and very artistic.
7. Length. Mass Effect is long but that's good, you want a game that will keep you going.
8. Game play. Overall it's an RPG but at points plays as a 3rd person shooter.
9. Fun. It's just plain fun.

1. Loading. It can get ridiculous sometimes.
2. Textures. Always takes a while to load them.
3. AI. Team mates can get in your way in a fight.
4. Side Planets. They can get boring.
5. Mako. A very poor vehicle that you HAVE to use almost everywhere.
6. Weapons. There is no bazooka.


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