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Good game slow start.

Mass Effect
Admittedly within the spam section I did say it was a little boring, but having been reduced to having nothing else to play, it was either that or boredom.
So I played that, got past all the intro, which is very slow to start but it's a nice introduction to get people knowing the game. The game's set in space, and earth colonising several galaxies, and some people think they're going to dominate space, so are trying to change this, that's the main part of the story line I've come to learn anyway.
After playing the first level for about 20 minuets it seems like every other shooter, until you get to the first city, then it at first appears like endless running, until you get pulled into the game by a very good story line, complete with what appears to be a corrupt government, furthered by leveling up and unlocking new abilities and assigning points to different skills. Eventually you'll gain control of a ship, you can't fly it, but you can scale what is a pretty massive galaxy, each with it's own colony, side quests, and playing a role in the main story line.
There's 4 classes to choose from each with their own abilities, i'm currently playing the infiltrator, who's pretty darn good with a sniper and looks for alternative routes through the game.
The other classes are soldier (good with all guns and can wear heavy armour), adept (uses biotic skills, like telekinesis), Engineer (can overheat enemies weapons, cause their armour to explode), each class has their own selection of skills, and as you level you get attribute points, the more you put into one skill the more abilities you unlock within that category.
Through out the game you also get to choose a path, whether you want to be good (paragon) or bad (renegade), which affects people's opinion of you, and the story line, this is also affected by the dialouge you choose, as through out the game you have a selection of text to pick to create a varying story.
Myself, I went for renegade, my guy seems so much better going down this route, and he also has his cool moments, there was one point where some guy had commited a crime to which I replied "I can't let you get away with this" then in the cut scene my guy just point blank shoots him, it was pretty epic to say the least.

Good points.
Theres an intriguing story line, that only gets better as the game goes on, there's also alot to do and explore within the world of mass effect.
Character creation, it's a pretty nifty thing to have fun with at the start of the game, although every time I spend ages making a decent face, I get in game and he looks like a retard, I guess I just suck at making people, that's why I went for the default character in the end XD.
Nice voice acting, everyone sounds like you'd want them to sound, there's also Seth Green cast as the pilot of the ship who actually plays the part really well.
The character creation!

Bad points.
There's only a few guns, each guns have their own upgrades. But there's a lack of them, there's a shotgun, sniper, assault rifle and a pistol, but with each class other than the soldier, you can only train in 2 of these, which only limits it further.
Repetitive game play, after playing this for prolonged periods, the only thing that seems to keep me playing is the good story line. I'd also advise to save alot for anyone who plays it, as if you die deep into the level, the game has it's own checkpoints, which are placed at very long intervals.
Steering that god dam macko car, on the 360 you can only use the left analogue stick to drive as the other's dedicated to shooting, and it's a weird feeling.


It's a good game, and one I'd highly recommend people to play as it does have alot to offer for anyone who likes shooting games and rpgs.
I'd give this 8/10

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