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Succeeds on the problems of KOTOR in an original world-

Bioware is primarily known for two games-

  1. Balders Gate- This game series set a new standard in the fantasy RPG world.
  2. KOTOR- Primarily known as the best Star Wars game ever made.
As great as these two games are, They and Bioware have been limited by these licenses for a long time, so they decided to bring there great approach to game design to an Original title set in an Original Universe, The result of this is Called Mass Effect, and its one of the Greatest RPG's ever made.

The Story in Mass Effect is Quite Original as it has you playing the part of Commander Shepard the first human spectre, in the Mass Effect world Spectres are a sort of intergalactic police force exempt from the law.
As Commander Shepard your mission is to take down a rogue spectre named Saren who threatens all organic life in the galaxy.

Mass Effect is mostly made up of two parts, Dialogue and Combat.
The Dialogue portion is standard fare with a special focus on its cinematic presentation adding to the Epic feel of Mass Effect,
The Combat Portion of the game plays more like a post-Gears shooter than a traditional RPG, with you taking your squad through levels and using cover to take on your enemies efficiently, the game does lack weapon variety, but you are able to customize and mod all weapons in the game.

The Graphics Of Mass Effect are brilliant in parts and mix style and realism seamlessly, however they do suffer from performance issues such as frequent frame-rate drops and texture pop-ins.
The Music is less prominent in Mass Effect than in other Bioware games but is of superb quality nonetheless.

Overall Bioware have created their own Space Opera Masterpeice with Mass Effect Flawed only by technical issues, but hey if the first game was perfect we'd have nothing to look forward to in Mass Effect 2.

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