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A Master Rising

The last member to join the Wu Tang Clan, though, one of the die hardest members to this date. Masta Killa joined the group late in the development of the clans debut album, as such, he was only in one track. “Da Mystery of Chessboxin” saw the beginning of Masta Killa's career with the clan, with the last verse on the song belonging to him, it is heralded as one of the better verses on the CD. However, writing lyrics doesn’t come natural to MK, especially at the beginning of his career. He derived his name from the movie Shaolin Master Killer (also known as the 36th Chamber of Shaolin) wherein, a lowly monk rises through the chambers of kung fu at the Shaolin temple, quickly becoming a master in his own right. He had to work hard and felt that he went through the same think Gordon Liu’s character went through in the movie, except only for the Wu Tang Clan instead of Shaolin. Under the GZA’s guide, he would become a mainstay in the groups later CD’s and eventually release his own solo projects.

Wu Projects

As the years went by, MK participated in many of the solo projects of the other clan members. Upon the release of the highly acclaimed “Wu-Tang Forever” follow up to the clans debut album “Enter the Wu Tang (360 chambers)” MK was featured on the album just as much as the other members and made his mark as one of the Clan. His style was unlike other members in the group, he is very laid back in his flow and not very forceful with the delivery of his lyrics. During interviews and general media appearance he is not very active. He claims it’s because he takes his work seriously, and doesn’t take it lightly, as such, he doesn’t feel a need to go around gloating his work.

Solo projects

Later even he would release his first solo album, No Said Date, which featured all the original members of the clan and was similar in its underground, gritty style beats produced by the RZA for the debut album. The song Old Man would also mark the last hit single and video the late, great, Ol’ Dirty Bastard would star in. He would come to release one more solo project to day, entitled Made in Brooklyn. Both met mild success but no RIAA certifications.

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