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Master Wu is known as The Enlightened, the Emissary of Peace, and the demigod of serenity.  He earned this role well before invasion of the Planes of Power during the Age of Turmoil.  In order for the Plane of Tranquility to survive the invasion, Wu had to surrender his portion of the realm, known as the Plane of Serenity.  As a gift before relinquishing his realm to the mortals, he crafted a katar consisting of five blades representing the aspects of serenity.  The blades were entrusted to the Ashen Order of monks until they were needed.  The katar was used in the Battle of Defiance, where it delivered the final blow to the Avatar of War, and abruptly shattered.  Pieces of the katar were entrusted to several monks who set out on separate paths.    

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