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Master Yi

Master Yi is a master of the Wuju style, an ancient martial art his village is known for. He is capable of moving at incredible speeds and his proficiency with his sword matches in ferocity. He can channel his inner energy and heal himself from battle damage. Master Yi is a terrifying warrior that can shred through enemies with his massive sword and is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. The Wuju Style Master Yi took these skills and defended his homeland of Ionia from the invading forces of Noxus. This left his village open to attack and was the target of Singed, a chemist from the Noxus army. Little is known about what Singed unleashed on Yi's town but he refuses to speak about damage done to his home village. Master Yi entered the League of Legends as a quest for vengeance against the Noxus army who massacred his people.


StatBase ValueGrowth Per Level
Move Speed3300
Spell Block301.25
Health Regen1.35.13
Mana Regen.8.05


Double Strike - Master Yi strikes twice every 7th attack.

Alpha Strike - Master Yi leaps across the battlefield striking up to 4 enemies, dealing magic damage to each enemy with a chance to deal 400 bonus magic damage to minions.

Meditate - Master Yi channels, restoring health over 5 seconds. While channeling, Master Yi gains armor and magic resistance.

Wuju Style - Increases attack damage for as long as Wuju Style is not on cooldown. Master Yi can activate this ability to receive bonus attack damage equal to double the passive bonus for 10 seconds.

Highlander - Increases Master Yi's movement speed by 40% and attack speed for a few seconds, as well as making him immune to any slow effects for the duration. Additionally, killing a champion during the duration will refresh all of Master Yi's ability cooldowns, while assists will refresh them by half.


  • "My blade is yours."
  • "A wise decision."
  • "Certainly."
  • "Do not fear the unknown."
  • "Follow my lead."
  • "I will show you the path."
  • "My blade is yours."
  • "Wuju Style!"
  • "We strike now!"
  • "Your skills are inferior!"
  • "Wuju.. pass me that potion?"

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