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Mathilda in MadWorld.

Mathilda is a sadistic woman of few words who appears in MadWorld. She works for the Black Baron as one of his prostitutes but spends most of her time killing him in various ways to demonstrate the Bloodbath Challenge mini-games. Her outfit is decorated with spikes. She also shows a fondness for spiked bats.

During the final battle, she acts as support for the Black Baron. If Jack is knocked out of the ring, she will beat him senseless with a bat before kicking him back. She also gets a small mention in the boss theme "Look Pimpin'" that is sung from the perspective of the Black Baron. She has a fondness for Jack, but for what reason isn't clear.

"My boo has a thing for you,

She really likes money but the pain will do."

Anarchy Reigns

Mathilda's Anarchy Reigns concept art.

Mathilda appears as a playable character in the game Anarchy Reigns. She still shows a preference for spikes and uses a weapon called the Iron Maiden, a sash that forms into a spiked bat.

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